How to Deal With the Facebook 'Pages' Updates

If you administer a Facebook page, you may have noticed that a new version is now available via a simple upgrade process. The updates are pretty nifty and by now you’ll be happy to see the changes in play, however one thing may have escaped your notice.

As with many of the previous updates on Facebook, they don’t always tell you the entire story and this one is no different.

When you upgrade to the new Facebook pages one of the most important things that isn’t explained is admin control. Now that you have the ability to change your persona, whilst logged in on your personal account, you can then happily comment on something on your company wall as if you were representing your brand. All well and good for most admins, but what if you haven’t cleaned out your admin list for a while? That would mean that anyone on your admin list can now happily troll around Facebook posting messages on your behalf and it will be displayed as your brand name!

So first port of call after updating or preferably before is to do an admin sweep and ensure that all of those on your list as supposed to be there. You might also want to give them a 5 minute training session on the most critical part of the update: The fact they can now change persona and post as your company. They also need to ensure that once they have posted, they change back to their own persona again, otherwise you might find your brand name posting comments on a user wall in a decidedly un-professional way.

Finally, you should also know that all of your admins will now receive an email when anyone posts a comment on your wall. This is a good feature, but make sure you don’t have a large mailing list attached to one of your admins else you will find that potentially hundreds of people will be mailed every time someone makes a comment!

You can easily disable this new function (which is ON by default when you upgrade) by going to the “Your Settings” part of your admin panel and un-ticking the “Email Notification” area.