Is Facebook Doomed?

MySpace has  finally capitulated to Facebook’s growing popularity and announced a partnership that will see both social network sites working closely together.   The unlikely alliance will mean that MySpace users will be able to login in to Facebook through their MySpace account. It will allow over 600 million Facebook users to move their likes and interests over to MySpace with just one click. The partnership will create a “real-time stream” of tailored entertainment content in which users will receive automatic updates on their favourite musicians and movie stars.

The deal will build upon a recent cross-post status updates between the two sites – currently a feature used by more than a million MySpace users. MySpace will also implement Facebook’s “like” button across its site.

The collaboration’s entertainment update feature is akin to Apple’s own long anticipated social network Ping, launched in September.  Presumably spurred on by the emergence of Ping, Facebook has moved to consolidate its position as the world’s biggest social network. MySpace is now among more than a million sites which allow Facebook users to extend their social grasp to other domains.

However, according to one Internet expert, all that may be pointless thrashing in the wind as Facebook only has five years of dominance left.  After that, claims Dr Jeffrey Cole of the World Internet project, its popularity will wane in similar fashion to that of other social sites such as MySpace and Bebo.

The World Internet project scrutinises how the Internet affects media consumption. Dr Cole predicted MySpace’s demise four years ago and now claims that Facebook will not fare any better at holding on to its users:

The same thing will happen to Facebook as hit MySpace, but it’s going to take a lot longer.  And it’s not going to be replaced by one big social networking community but it’s going to be fragmented.” says Cole.

Watch this space?  He got it right with MySpace……