Facebook 'looking to introduce credits for mobile apps'

Facebook is weighing up an attempt to make more money by allowing developers to sell virtual products in mobile web browsers, it has been reported.

The social networking website is reportedly discussing the possibility of letting developers use 'Facebook Credits' on mobile applications, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook could then pick up around 30% of the fees paid for virtual goods that might otherwise find its way into the back pockets of Apple and Google, who run mobile operating systems on phones and tablets.

The discussions are reportedly part of a fresh strategy from Facebook to generate revenue from mobile apps. The Facebook app is among the most downloaded software for mobile devices, but the social network has yet to make any money from it.

The credits system, which Facebook first started testing in 2009, lets users purchase features and bonuses in different games using one currency. The social networking website gets a cut of the money spent on credits and now all applications which sell virtual goods on its website must use the system.

TechCrunch's MG Siegler says Facebook is trying to build a software community to rival Apple's. But he says there may be trouble ahead because Facebook does not own a mobile platform to make money from apps.

Facebook declined to comment on the matter.