Google+ Hashtag Search Results Have Reached the UK

Google is now displaying a richer hashtag experience in its UK search results.

As seen in the screenshot below, when you search for a hashtag on, we have noticed that relevant Google+ results are now showing up to the right of the search results. This box is updated automatically with relevant, recent and popular Google+ posts and appears in signed in and signed out search.

This means users posting updates including a hashtag have a chance to appear here for relevant search queries. Furthermore, if you get good interaction levels with your posts, it could mean they are more likely to appear.

This update was announced for US and Canadian users in September 2013, but this is the first time we have seen it appear in the UK.

Google also allows the user to explore this hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, with this option appearing below the Google+ box (see screenshot below). 


This could be a great reason to get marketers using Google+ more, as there’s a chance that your posts might get more traction, especially if they are based around popular hashtags. One word of warning though – don’t simply post about something that’s not related to your brand just to try and get on the back of a popular hashtag.

Has anyone else using noticed this appearing in their search results yet? Fresh Egg would love to hear your findings.