Google+ Could Surpass Twitter & LinkedIn

Google+ could soon overtake Twitter and LinkedIn to become the second most popular social networking website in the US, according to a survey.

Some 13% of US adults have already signed up to Google+ and this could rise to 22% over the next year, a Bloomberg and YouGov survey has revealed.

But it's not all good news for the search giant, because 31% of Google+ users surveyed said they had yet to post anything using their account or had abandoned it already.

The percentage of US adults using Facebook could drop from 71% to 69% in the next year, the survey of 1,003 people suggested. Almost a third (30%) of people who use both Google+ and Facebook said they are planning to reduce the amount of time they spend on Mark Zuckerberg's social network.

Twitter is expected to increase its membership from 17% of US adults to 20% in the next year, while the percentage of people using LinkedIn could rise from 18% to 20%.

More than six out of 10 (62%) Facebook users said they read content on the social networking website every day, while the figure was 45% for Google+ members. Some 42% of Twitter's users check the website each day, while just 8% of LinkedIn's membership read its content on a daily basis.