LinkedIn launches new job app

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that allows users to apply for jobs using their profile on the professional social networking website.

The Apply with LinkedIn service, which is free to both employers and applicants, means people will no longer have to wade through lengthy application forms or dust off their CV in order to put themselves forward for jobs.

Members who have signed up to particular groups or request special alerts can be notified when positions become available. But if a user feels a job is best suited to someone they know, they can recommend it to a connection on the LinkedIn website.

LinkedIn marketing director Laurence Bret-Stern said: "People trust their connections to make purchasing decisions, and people trust their connections to make job or career decisions. Recommendations from peers or connections about jobs going should increase the number of [suitable] applications."

The new application process could tempt people already in work apply for a job elsewhere, said Ms Bret-Stern.

She played down concerns that large numbers of unsuitable applicants could apply for jobs and make it difficult for employers to find the best candidates.

Companies can ask up to three questions of LinkedIn users when they apply, such as whether they are willing to relocate. Applicants may also be asked to write a covering letter in support of their application to prove they want the job, said LinkedIn.

Photobucket, Netflix and LivingSocial will be among the first companies to use the new Apply with LinkedIn service.