Why You Should Use LinkedIn Long- Form Posts

Written by Intern - 30 Jun 2014

LinkedIn’s previously exclusive blog publishing feature (otherwise known as long-form posts) is now being rolled out to all LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn long-form posts are a new way for professionals to share their insights on LinkedIn in the form of a blog post that is linked to your profile.

So what are the benefits?

  • Long-form posts are searchable, both within LinkedIn and externally
  • Your connections and followers will receive a notification when you publish a long-form post
  • Your post will be suggested to other LinkedIn members based on an algorithmic formula
  • Your posts can include campaign tagged links so you can track the traffic these refer to your website
  • LinkedIn members not in your network can now follow you from your long-form posts
  • They’re a great way to develop your personal brand
  • The long-form posts you publish are featured at the top of your LinkedIn profile
  • There is a posts dashboard that includes some basic engagement metrics about each of your posts, as shown in the image below


What successes can be gained?

Fresh Egg’s head of inbound marketing, David Somerville, has published two long-form posts. David’s post ‘LinkedIn profile picture faux pas’ has received particularly good engagement metrics, including 757 impressions and 373 LinkedIn shares.

David’s other post – ‘Are you a headless chicken when it comes to your content strategy?’ – has referred a small number of visits to the Fresh Egg website.

Showing your expertise on LinkedIn and linking to additional content on your website is a great way to add identity to your content and add value.

One negative use of these posts I've already seen is recuiters using the posts as extended job ads- something I hope LinkedIn cracks down on before the feature is rolled out to everybody.

Not sure if you have long-form posts access?

Once you have been granted access to the long-form post publishing tool, you will be notified on your homepage.

If you haven’t yet got access, you can apply for early access. This might not have an effect now the public roll out has been announced, but worth a shot eh?

If you would like advice on building a LinkedIn strategy for your brand, contact the Fresh Egg social team on 0845 373 1071.