MySpace gets Boots make-up

Written by Lee Colbran - 12 Oct 2007

Boots are to use MySpace to promote their 17 cosmetics to teenagers. The social network site will be used in order to get users to upload original fashion looks which will then be judged by a number of make-up experts.

Personally I think this is a great initiative from Boots; moving forward I would expect to see more organisations such as Boots using MySpace, Facebook and the like to reach out to new audiences to push brand awareness.

The promotion is a great way to get potential buyers to get talking about Boots and its 17 brand.

Fresh Egg clients do use MySpace and Facebook to promote their businesses; Sheargold music store is one such business that has a healthy profile on MySpace.

Links aside; there are still plenty of human visitors that will make their way to your site should you choose to market using a social network as a platform; we are seeing increasing numbers of visits from 'alternative sources' and non search engine traffic, interestingly enough some of the alternative sources are proving to better traffic sources than MSN/Live.