Is Twitter Finally Catching Up? Twitter Launches Group DMs, Postcode Targeting, Video and More

Great news for Twitter fans – the platform has finally launched group direct messages, so you can now privately communicate with a group of friends, family, brands… or random celebrities.

What’s really great about this new feature is that your followers don’t have to follow each other to be a part of your chat. When users are added to a group message (see below) they will get a notification informing them that they are now part of a group direct message – it’s as easy as that.

Twitter group messaging

Twitter has also enabled the ability to send links via direct message, really handy for sharing content privately between users.

And group direct messaging isn’t the end of the good news – Twitter has also introduced a new video feature. You can now share 30-second videos, and not just Vines.

At the time of writing I found I could only upload a video filmed through the app – the ability to upload from the camera roll wasn’t live at the time writing this blog – despite Twitter saying that the new function has been rolled out for iOS users. (Android users will have to wait.)

Another great update is that Twitter will translate posts written in foreign languages into your mother tongue, ensuring you no longer miss a Tweet due to a language barrier. No more third party translation tools, if this was ever your thing.

But don’t worry, you can disable this automatic feature in your account settings under the Tweet translation section if you don’t like it.

Tweet translations

One more new feature brought to the platform is postcode targeting for ads. This function has been introduced in time for the UK general election – there’ll be no escape from the politicians on Twitter in the run up to poll!

How will digital marketers benefit?

Well, I am sure many of you are asking the same question! So here are some ideas about how you can use these features:

One example would be using group direct messaging and links to plan an event. This would be a great way to invite a group of people to attend a webinar or a blogging event. You can gather a number of followers from all over and draw their attention to particular events and create groups that share updates and news privately.

Obviously, the new video feature can be used on Twitter to engage with audiences and share a different type of content, as opposed to the standard text-based posts.

Interestingly though, as these videos are now 30 seconds long, a lot more information can be shared compared to the shorter vine videos that were originally displayed on Twitter.

Marketers will be able to use these 30 seconds to great effect, displaying products, sharing new ideas, updates or even quick hacks. Now that Twitter has an algorithm, tweets will be organised based on relevance rather than merely presented in the order they were posted.

This could be the case for Twitter videos. The videos may be posted with relevance to the user, or more favourably for users that are already engaging with the new video feature.

We’ll keep you posted on this.

Twitter video feature


Twitter’s translation service will benefit digital marketers by allowing the targeting of audiences around the world, and being able to communicate without a language barrier. This feature can help to grow followers and contacts, by sharing and learning from each other – though watch out for awkward translation errors.

Twitter’s postcode targeting for ads will obviously help enormously when planning campaigns. The social giant already offers geo targeting for 30 countries and now, with this new feature, as Twitter says:

‘’Within the US, the UK, Canada Spain and France, you can also use geo-targeting more granularly to reach specific regions, cities, and zip/postal codes. We are continually expanding into new countries and regions.”

This change allows marketers to target users by the first part of their postcode, as seen in the screenshot below:

Twitter postcode targeting

Potential uses for this function are endless, but geo-targeting users to this degree will be great for local event planning, and individual shops could even target local people for shop-specific offers.

This will help marketers to engage the right audience, in the right place, at the right time, an exciting new development.

More changes

Twitter announced on 3 February that they will now syndicate tweets outside of Twitter. Ameet Ranadive, Senior Director Product, at Twitter, blogged to say:

‘We’re pleased to announce our first partnerships to syndicate Promoted Tweets outside of Twitter: with Flipboard (@flipboard) and Yahoo! JAPAN .’

Brands already advertising on Twitter are now given the opportunity to extend the reach of their messages. One example that Twitter gave was of Nissan running a promoted Tweet campaign but also attempting to reach a similar audience through mobile apps, such as their new partner Flipboard.

This is an example of what the Nissan tweet could look like in the Flipboard app.

Nissan Tweet in Flipboard app


Twitter says this new function will mean that “marketers will have an almost infinite capacity to create large-scale, rich and well-targeted advertising campaigns across a variety of platforms ”.

And the platform hasn’t stopped there. On Wednesday 4 February, Twitter announced another new feature called ‘Quick promote’ for the platform. This is a new development in Twitter Ads that the platform claims makes it easier to promote your most popular Tweets.

Here at Fresh Egg we have been unable to view this new feature – however it sounds very similar to Facebook’s ‘Boost post’ function.

And, finally, an old function has been reinstated: Tweet activity is back! Individual users can now view their Tweet activity from their mobile devices, including the engagement with your individual Tweets. From testing this feature out in the office it seemed to be limited to some users at this time. This feature may not have been rolled out to all users yet, and there is no mention of this feature on their blog.

With all the recent social media updates across platforms, including Facebook and Snapchat, we think that Twitter are trying to play catch up by rolling out a number of new updates in a short space of time.

What do you think?

It would be great to hear what your thoughts are on Twitter’s new features and how these new features can be used for business.

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