Top 20 infographics for Social Media 2011 - Top 5

Here we go, it's the final countdown of the best examples of Social Media infographics in 2011!

5. Google+ Fastest Growing Social Network

With over 20 million users in the first three weeks, Google+ is the fastest growing social network of its time.  This is a great analysis of Google+ and its contemporaries, the shift in social networking, and a hint of what's coming next.

Google+ fastest growing social network


4. The World of Social Media

Demonstrating the growth rate of users in all age ranges and demographics, insight into usage patterns, and the continuing presence of social networking in every aspect of life in general.  It’s hard to argue that social media hasn’t forever changed how we interact and connect online. Be great to get an update with Google+.

The World of Social Media


3. In Case of Emergency Use Social Media

This infographic clearly shows the importance of Social Media in an emergency, and how influential it has been during and after some of the natural disasters in 2011.  From keeping people informed by posting updates at the scene (long before the major news agencies) to raising awareness of situations and donating through Facebook pages.  A number of US Government Agencies now use Social Media; during Hurricane Irene over 12,000 tweets were sent.

In Case of Emergency Use Socil Media


2. The Current State of Social Media

A very simple infographic that demonstrates the growth and power of the big four in Social Media by the total number of users.  As they say, “The proof is in the numbers!”

The Current state of Social Media

1. In 60 Seconds…..

A great visual insight into the rapid pace of information and sharing online.  In the time it took to read this there were 695,000+ Facebook status updates and 90,000 Tweets!  Displaying everything in an infographic really emphasizes exactly how much goes on in 60 Seconds!  This has a high density of information but it is easily consumable.  This infographic takes lot of data and boils it down to one image.  The reason this is at number one is because it makes instant sense yet it teaches you something new each time you look at it.

In 60 Seconds…..