Google results say all organic results harm computers

Written by Lee Colbran - 31 Jan 2009

Wow - I thought we had been hit with a nasty virus. But it turns out Google is wanting to tell the world not to trust organic search results. Here's some thoughts?

  • Is this just a ploy to kill the SEO industry?
  • Is this Google's attempt at increasing Adwords revenue during the credit crunch?
  • Or is this now the final day for a few employees at Google after an immense cock-up?

When I first started to see the results I checked on other machines in the office - they were all showing the same.

Then I got ringing and found out from my network of muckers to see what they were seeing. Thankfully everyone else was seeing the same - PHEW! If it's not bad enough being in the office on a Saturday, to think I may have been on watch and flushed a virus through the internal network would have been heart-stopping.

As it is I can now relax knowing it will not be me getting the bullet, but a Google engineer instead! That is unless there is a mass virus that has just kicked-in!

If you missed out on what was/is being displayed in the SERPS - Here's one I screen grabbed earlier...


So come on, who else is seeing this, or is there something sinister happening to me?