Google Superstars SEO in Soaraway Sun

The Sun (that’s right – the tabloid more famous for keeping ‘abreast ‘ of  current events  and soaps  than doling out financial advice ) has attracted widespread support for its Backing British Business campaign.

Statements of support have flooded in from a veritable “who’s who” of business gurus and celebs.  Sir Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell, Sir Richard Branson and Barry Hearn to name but a few have all put their various weights behind it.   James Caan (we like him!) has also lent his support to the Redtop’s plea for better treatment of small businesses.

And now, Internet search giant Google has also clambered on board the BBBandwagon!  The key message (not unsurprisingly) from Google for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and British start up businesses is the importance of getting online! If you want to get ahead, get a website!

The Sun has published a three-step Google guide on how small businesses can use their own website to generate online sales. Getting web-savvy can be vital to the survival of any small business.

1.    GET ONLINE: The first step is to get a space on the web. They suggest two ways to do this – use ready made sites or build from scratch.

2.    ATTRACT VISITORS:  Get your site to come up when somebody searches the web for your service.  Make sure you give visitors the information they want, as unique and relevant content is what will drive potential customers to your site.

3.    BOOST REVENUE: -Get yourself an e-commerce system to collect payment from customers.

We agree! Naturally, we maintain that step no.2 is perhaps the most important, as that will generate the visitors and traffic via SEO that will drive revenue through the e-commerce system.  If you want to get successful, get SEO!

Here at Fresh Egg we want to do our bit to help out Britain’s small businesses too!  We’re investigating the development of an “entry-level” e-commerce package that would be available exclusively to start-ups and small business clients.  We want to give these businesses a simple introduction to “selling on the web” so that they can generate revenue and judge whether they should expand online sales without it costing them a fortune!

We’ll keep you informed of progress via the Blog…

The other consequence of the Sun’s campaign is the fact that our communications department now has a legitimate business reason to buy the paper every day.  Now if only we can persuade Playboy to Back British Business………