Google UK search market share to 92%, Google+ @ 10million already

Google has shown no sign of loosening its grip on the search market after figures revealed 92% of all UK searches went through the website in June.

The search giant managed to increase its share by 1.49% over the number of searches it was used for in May, according to Experian Hitwise's research.

Google's continued dominance is bad news for its main competitors, Microsoft and Yahoo. Microsoft was used for just 1.38% of searches last month, while Yahoo fared a little better, accounting for 2.9% of the UK market.

Experian Hitwise research director Robin Goad said while Google has been the main player in search for the last decade, June's figures were remarkable even by its own high standards.

He added that Google had managed to weave itself into the core fabric of internet usage in the UK, something it has not yet managed in the US where search distribution is more even.

However, the percentage of web traffic driven by search engines has fallen over the past 12 months. In June last year, about 38% of all web traffic was referred from search engines, but this has now fallen to just over 34%.

People are increasingly using recommendations from friends on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to choose where they surf.

But that's not necessarily bad news for Google. Company CEO Larry Page has revealed more than 10 million people have signed up for Google+ already, even though access is still by invitation only.