How much for .gov web hosting?

Written by Lee Colbran - 13 Nov 2006

Ammon sent me an email with regard to an auction on Ebay where by the looks of it a Webmaster has been up to no good and is making a few dollars in selling some hosting on a .gov site.

The auction is now finished and the winning bidder has successfully purchased a site on a 'golddust' .gov domain for the cool sum of £5,200!

In the grand scheme of things this might be considered a bargain based on the link opportunities from the trusted .gov tyope domain, but look at one the disclaimers attached to the sale.

  1. No guarantees as to longevity of hosting contract with server owner

What? Are you crazy, are you telling me that for £5,200 English pounds I am not even guaranteed a years hosting with this and that anythink that is uploaded could be removed within a matter of hours?

I haven't mentioned the seller has no Ebay history, this is madness, I hope the purchaser of the sale gets their money's worth, but for £5,200 I can't see that happening.