Think Visibility 2010: For Rocket Scientists And SEO Idiots Only

Think Visibility has been a much anticipated event not just because of the great speakers that will take part this year but also because of the very interesting topics they have chosen to talk about. From conversion rate optimization to black hat SEO and from keyword domains to mini-sites, it all sounds like our expectations will be fully met.

International SEO

We look forward to Rob Kerry's session on the issues web site owners should consider before launching their businesses in multiple countries such as potential language obstacles or duplicate content issues in case different web sites will be created for different countries with content in the same or different language.

There have been several questions regards to country specific domain names and country code top level domains (ccltds). The big question on every SEOs mind is why does the country specific domain names rank better than cctlds or which one would be the best way to cover the international SEO?

It is a pity that Rob's session will overlap with Gary Taylor's on Keyword domains and mini-sites which is also another interesting and always hot topic to pick. What makes it even more exciting is that mini-sites have been generating enormous amounts of profit during the last decade with Kevin Ham reportedly earning 70m dollars in a year exclusively out of keyword-rich domain names.

Social Media

Social media will have a strong presence with two different speakers picking up on this rapidly developing aspect of internet marketing. Lisa Myers from Verve Search ltd will be talking about how you can use Social media to improve/profit your SEO efforts. She says Social media is about ideas and not just about Twitter and Facebook. So me and my colleague are looking forward to this session with passion J.

Reading the mind of Spammers

Most of twitter users know Paul Madden as SEO Idiot. We look forward to this session just to see what he has to say about what a spammer thinks! We hope he can tell us about what foreign language natives think about before spamming the blogs in English with comments with hundreds of links in their particular language.

Conversion killers

While the Community Manager of Microsoft Advertisement - Mel Carson, will share his experiences on Microsoft's social media campaign and more importantly: How They Measure Success! Since more and more clients keep asking about their conversion rates and how those could be increased further, Karl Banks’ speech on the most typical conversion killers is greatly anticipated. However, what we would like to hear from a former rocket scientist is what could be done to increase conversion rather than what should be avoided so that the conversion rates won't go down...

Link building

by our dear friend Jaamit Durrani

He will be talking about:

  • How to find gaps in your backlink profile
  • On-site factors you cannot ignore
  • Finding out which ones are quality links and what ones are not
  • Tools and resources
  • Others building this for you (does this mean outsourcing link building?)
  • Most important which keyphrases should you target

Last but not the least “How to gain ranking dominations in any market sector” by Dave Naylor. Will he give any secrets away? I am sure people will be on the edge of their seat on this one.

 Saurav & Modi