Bing Gets Facejacked!

Brands have used some odd and seemingly irrelevant fronters for their campaigns in the past.  Anyone remember those giant sea-dwelling thoroughbred horses that make you crave a frosty pint of that stodgy stouty goodness they call Guinness? Even if you do, are you still asking yourself  "what the hell has that got to do with drinking a Guinness?"  What about computer generated babies roller skating and doing backflips to promote bottled water?   Cool, but what was the brand again?  While these may have at best an ambiguous link to the product being advertised the fact is that people remember the compelling, creative ideas that fuel these ads.

Microsoft have always been perceived as a stuffy, somewhat geeky brand, their ‘I’m a PC’ campaign to promote Windows 7 was widely ridiculed for its smug  attitude. The U.S  software giant have clearly taken heed of the reception given to its past efforts.  They've signed up Mr Brian Badonde, apparently the living breathing parody of British art critic Brian Sewell doing a Julian Clary impression and star of hit TV show Facejacker,  to promote their  Bing "decision engine"   in a  mini series videos called 'The Art of Technology'.


Fans of the show will know that Mr Badonde has a speech impediment that causes him to pronounce almost every word prefixed with a ‘B’ -  Bilarious Bonsequences Bensue!   You can see the connection between Badonde and Bing  - they both begin with 'B' after all.  Whether he's the  most suitable person to front a campaign offering insight into the various services that Bing offers may be debatable,  but Microsoft’s marketing department clearly see the funny side of letting a slightly camp Englishman loose on their unsuspecting colleagues.

They must work though!  It seems that after a few short lessons, Brian has become proficient in the ways of the web.  Only yesterday I came across a Captcha code that looked like it had been written by the man himself...