Bing, Google Killer or Microsoft White Elephant?

Written by Lee Colbran - 01 Jun 2009

Bada Bing!

There’s a new search engine in town, and it’s got its sights fixed clearly on removing Google as the Don.

May I introduce you to bing, Microsoft’s latest attempt at gaining market share in the search market. The question is whether this latest offering from the software giant will be anywhere near good enough to convince people to ditch The Godfather Google in its favour.

Here's the problem for Microsoft - trust, yes trust.

Why would anyone trust a search engine from a company who's products need more patches than an accident prone haemophiliac?

People have traditionally used Microsoft products because there has never really been a viable alternative. Thankfully when it comes to online search, there are plenty of choices and as a result Microsoft does not have it all its own way. When it comes to online search, MSN has never led, it has always followed, and with the launch of bing it continues to follow and by some distance.

Now Microsoft wants to change the way we think. It wants us to adopt the term 'bing' as we have adopted Google. The bigwigs at Microsoft want us to 'bing it' and not 'Google it' any more.

Bing Benchmark - Does it actually work?

The big test for Bing, is whether it can convince users that it offers not just credible search, but search results that are at least on a par, and then better then what we find from our trusted friend, Google.

So after re-brand #399, Microsoft are pinning their hopes on the bing having enough Bada to get the masses queuing up to see how it performs.

My early checks were ok, I saw a synergy in results with those coming out from Google, but some of the pages in the SERPs being displayed were very questionable.

For me the results were not that different from what I ever experienced on Live.

So is the Microsoft offering enough to make me ditch Google in its favour? I cannot see it at this time, or in the foreseeable future.

Don’t forget Microsoft, we don’t trust you! Who in their right mind would support a Don they didn’t trust?

At least the Sopranos gave the right result with their bing!

Bada Bing

Let's Blow a Big Advertising Budget

Microsoft will now launch into a waste of money advertising campaign to catapult their new search engine attempt to make a name for themselves in the search world, and this is again is a problem.

If Bing really does have the X-Factor, you can expect it to take off with a tsunami of support through use and excellent results. Unfortunately, no amount of advertising is going to convince people to ditch their trusted Don Google - Microsoft, can you hear me? IT'S A TRUST THING!

Tip for Microsoft Executives - Stop releasing software that is bug ridden, and people may start to trust you!

Whatever fool from Microsoft that signed off the kind of money that is being spent on advertising bing is a complete fool! Have they not heard of SEO? And there lies the problem, Microsoft do not understand search and in my eyes, they never will!

Bing - The look

I cannot say that I was that impressed with look of bing either. I love the images, but the image I was presented with on my first visit would look more in place on a tourism site, in fact Visit Wales were using a similar style which has recently been replaced.

Bing - The 'new' search engine from Microsoft

Three questions I asked myself:

Do I want to see pictures of the world when I am looking for whatever I am looking for? No.

Does the image that I was presented with inspire me? No.

Do Microsoft have any clue about search? No

bing bong - Microsoft gets it wrong

My guess is this is yet another white elephant from Microsoft; the search engine market will notice its arrival simply because it's something new to talk about. Of course the odd $100 million advertising budget helps as well. How many months will it be before Microsoft re-brands bing? And then what will the brains come up with next?

Now, I wonder how much you can buy for? That would be a more suitable domain for this weak search offering.

Sorry Microsoft, you’ll never be the Godfather of search and the current Don will never be bribed by your big bucks to give up control. You might as well just 301 to and let your visitors get decent search results!