Google launches Q&A feature

Written by Mark Chalcraft - 25 Aug 2017

Google has today announced the full rollout of a ‘Questions and Answers’ feature attached to MyBusiness listings. Previously, this feature had been undergoing limited testing.

This feature encourages logged-in Google users to submit questions to a business directly from the search result on their mobile phone (the Q&A feature is not available to desktop users).

The feature appears as a part of a brand’s listing on branded search results, such as ‘Apple store Regent Street’, as you can see in the below screenshots.



Crucially, any user can respond – not just the owner of the business listing.

The speed with which Google has launched this feature raises a number of questions for brands and marketers that need to be understood quickly.

We will, of course, be conducting our own testing over the next few days to provide more information, including:

  • How do marketers/businesses monitor their listings to receive notifications when questions are posted?
  • What are the implications for businesses that have hundreds, potentially thousands of individual My Business listings covering different locations?
  • What is the moderation process and how should businesses approach inappropriate or negative comments and questions? What should they do if a user posts to the wrong listing?

It’s vital for online businesses to understand what Google allows them to do in terms of managing their listings and optimising these for customers searching online. If you need more help then download our Complete Guide to Google My Business .