Why You Need to Optimise for Bing


For so long a vast amount of webmasters and SEO's have been solely optimising their site for Google, Google has basically been the king when it comes to driving traffic and getting top organic rankings for your company could potentially earn you a lot of revenue and exposure.

The two other major players in the search engine world have been Yahoo and Microsoft, but no one has really taken the effort to fully optimise their sites for these two simply because of the fact that they do not bring enough traffic through or conversions.

The recent announcement that Bing will be powering all of Yahoo's searches and be able to access their technology is going to shape the SEO industry up in so many different ways then before.

I know a lot of people are saying that Yahoo only has a small percentage of searches anyway and that it will not really affect Google. But what you have to think about is the bigger picture, we have already seen Bing put a massive advertising budget behind them and we all know that Microsoft have the money to throw at it.

But what is the most interesting aspect about this partnership is that Microsoft will be getting access to use and develop Yahoo's technology. Now we all know that Microsoft are terrible at analysing natural links and citations, so having a helping hand from Yahoo and continuing with the massive advertising budget could well see Bing take some of Google's market share over the next coming years.

It would be a shame if you are not currently optimising sites for Bing, as it's not currently that competitive. Concentrate on things such as keyword density in the title, content and density in the domain name structure will hopefully give you some great rankings. For some sites that maybe getting quite a bit of traffic from Yahoo, the switchover may well see you lose some valuable traffic, especially if you do not begin optimising your site(s) for Bing.