Google broken or Google's new bid to win the search wars?

Written by Lee Colbran - 28 May 2008

Musa (SEO team) found that Google was playing silly buggers with a result this morning.

Here's what's happening:

1. Do a search for the term 'Artflux'

2. Look at the number 3 result (which should be

3. Try clicking the link to Artflux

4. Stay in Google

No click-throughs for Artflux


So a very interesting ploy from Google - Offer the result, but keep the visitor in Google!

We have tried on different systems (Mac and PC), different networks, logged in and logged out and we get the same thing every time.

No traffic is getting through to Artflux, Google is keeping the lot!

Is there something Artflux are not telling us? Have they been bought out by Google? Or is this simply a case of Google getting it wrong for once?

What do you think, have you seen this before?

If so how long will this non-click through state last?

See Google results for Artflux

See Artflux