The New Twitter Design and What Your Business Should Know about It

Twitter has announced a full redesign of their website. All new users will start with the new design immediately and it will be rolled out to everyone else in the coming weeks.

This follows the announcement that you are now able to upload multiple pictures and tag multiple users within tweets and the roll out of pop-up notifications for Direct Messages. Twitter hopes these new features will support the on-boarding process for new users as well as adding further functionality for existing users.

The new features and design changes include:

  • Increased profile and cover photo size
  • Larger profile picture
  • Increased filtering options for tweets
  • Different font sizes depending on tweet popularity
  • Removal of the background image
  • ‘Pinned’ tweets

Layout changes

In comparison to the old design – as seen below on the Fresh Egg Twitter profile – there have been many layout changes in the redesign.

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These updates include:

  • Your name, Twitter handle, biography and images are now found on the left hand side of the page directly below your profile picture
  • Trends and Who to Follow can now be found on the right hand side of your profile
  • The tabs that display tweets, following and followers are to the right of the profile picture and directly below the cover image
  • There are also additional tabs for favourites, photos/videos and lists included within the standard tabs
  • The following and followers tabs can also be found in this top line navigation, below the cover image, but instead of the old list of other twitter users, it is now presented in a Pinterest-style card-based format

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Profile & Cover Photo

  • The profile picture size has increased from 73 x 73 pixels to 400 x 400 pixels
  • The redesign has increased the cover photo size from 520 × 260 to 1500 x 500 pixels

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Both images will be re-sized by Twitter when your Twitter design is upgraded, so there is no need to change or optimise these further at the moment. Some examples of big brands using the new design have been collated by Mashable here.

Background image

The custom background image has now been removed and replaced by a simple light blue colour on every profile. This removes the previous best-practise recommendation to have further branding or call to actions on your background. Brands will now need to utilise the new features, such as the cover image or pinning tweets, in order to replace this feature.

Best Tweets

Your tweets now change size depending on the interaction and popularity of the individual tweet. As you can see in the example from John Legend below, this will help users find the best tweets while skimming through your feed.

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Filtered Tweets

On other Twitter profile pages you can now filter what you see by the selections of ‘photos & videos’, replies or the normal unfiltered view. This highlights the increased need to use different formats within your Twitter feed, utilising imagery and responding to other users on the platform.

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Pinned Tweets

Similar to Facebook’s pin feature, you can now pin a tweet to the top of your timeline. This will show this tweet first to anyone visiting your Twitter profile and is a great way to showcase a particular tweet that you feel best represents your brand. It could also give you an opportunity to further support what you are ‘about’ alongside your biography.

Our thoughts

I asked two of our social media team’s opinions on the new design, here are their responses:

  • David Somerville – Head of Social Media - “This is biggest Twitter redesign for a while so it’s good for brands to take on board the changes and ensure their profile pages are optimised. The other new features, such as ‘Pinned Tweet’ are a great opportunity to show off exactly what your brand is all about in one tweet”
  • Susie Cox – Social Media Strategist – “The new design puts even further emphasis on rich media, with images and video now having a dedicated stream. This is another reason companies should be attaching images to their tweets as standard, and experimenting with using video.”

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