Free Webinar - The secrets of evergreen content

Written by David Somerville - 07 Mar 2018

I’ve always placed a lot of value on ‘evergreen content’ as part of any content strategy.  Evergreen content is the content that's going to earn you longterm traffic, engagement and organic visbility.

Last year I carried out a study into the effectiveness of evergreen content and found it has a substantial impact on search traffic and organic visibility.  I was invited to join Steve Rayson from Buzzsumo, to share the insights from the study as part of their Expert Webinar series.  If you missed out on the webinar (or you saw it and want a reminder of what was discussed) then you can now watch and listen to the full recording below.

Webinar highlights

Within the webinar Steve and I discussed:

  • What it evergreen content
  • Why you should be using evergreen content
  • Different types of evergreen content
  • Results and key learnings from the study
  • How to use and apply your evergreen content insights

Watch and listen to the webinar in full


Want to learn more?

You can read more about the importance of evergreen content and the results of my study in this blog post.

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