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Currently Remote | Employment type: Full-time

Role: SEO manager
Location: Worthing, West Sussex (currently remote)
Employee type: Full-time

As our client base continues to grow, we are looking for an SEO manager to join one of the longest established agency SEO teams in the UK. If you think this is a good fit for you, we'd love to hear from you.

What the role includes

You'll have the opportunity to create and implement client SEO strategies, working closely with our client services team and other specialists within an integrated group.

The approach you take on each client will differ according to their business objectives and current SEO priorities but will include a mixture of:

  • Technical SEO – using technical tools (including Screaming Frog, PageSpeed Insights, Chrome's developer tools and others) to identify needed improvements and providing clear briefs to development teams

  • Content – using data and insight showing how users search; demonstrating how the client's content should meet the needs related to the keyword, whether it's improving metadata or creating new pages to plug gaps

  • Analysis – working with data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, to identify trends and insights that inform future SEO strategy, or provide clients with the understanding that shows the role played by search within wider user journeys

  • Backlinks – helping clients to integrate backlink acquisition into broader marketing activity, such as supporting in-house teams to work with their PR or branding team; assessing backlink profiles to identify strengths and weaknesses, or eliminate threats

  • Reporting – demonstrating progress toward objectives through reporting; advocating for sustainable SEO practices within the client's organisation and educating non-expert stakeholders where appropriate

You'll also be involved in projects such as website migrations, audits or research for new and existing clients. The search team collaborates closely with other teams across the business, including our conversion services, content, analytics, user research and strategy teams, as part of a wider brief.

Working with the head of SEO and our commercial teams, you'll have opportunities to contribute to winning new work. For example, this might include compiling insights or helping to scope out proposed work ahead of a pitch presentation.

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Skills and knowledge

We're looking for experienced SEOs who will fit into our team's ethos.

SEO is about far more than keywords and ranking factors. Behind every search is a user who has turned to a search engine looking for a solution. This is just one part of a longer user journey that encompasses multiple touchpoints with the brands we work with.

Therefore, we take a user-centric approach to our work.

Working style and non-technical skills

Rather than list out the usual stuff like pro-activity and strong communication skills, we want to talk about the qualities people can apply to everything they do. What are your personal values?

  • Empathy – seeing things from other people's perspective, understanding the challenges they face, and considering their needs when creating solutions. Whether it's working with colleagues or clients or understanding web users, being able to empathise is an essential quality

  • Critical thinking – the most popular solution isn't always the best one; the obvious conclusion could be incorrect; the root cause of a problem might be an unexpected one

  • Pragmatism – our clients have to balance budgets and resources like any other business. SEO is rarely the only consideration. Are you able to provide alternative options and reach a compromise?

  • Open-minded – SEO is rarely the only consideration, so we need to be pragmatic in our approach and reach compromises. The world of SEO is a constantly changing world of opinions, so there is always more to learn or other perspectives

SEO skills

The abilities we value fall into four categories. It's okay if you're not an expert in every area. We know that's not realistic and can work with you to develop.

  • Strategic – you understand the role SEO plays in broader business and marketing operations. This is a significant part of the value you will provide to clients who need advice and guidance in areas where SEO overlaps with other disciplines or to shine a light on commercial implications of the decisions they need to make

  • Technical – many of our clients rely on us to bridge the gap between marketing and development. You'll need a strong grounding in technical SEO, including fundamentals but also advanced concepts such as hreflang tagging and JavaScript rendering

  • Analytical – working with data and turning it into insight that motivates action. You'll need to have good knowledge of Google's Search Console data and be familiar with web analytics packages such as Google Analytics

  • Creative – a large part of our work revolves around problem-solving. Our team aren't sticklers for best-practice and keep an open mind to industry theory and Google guidance alike. We need people who can put themselves in the search engine users and understand what makes for a good experience, from SERP to site

About Fresh Egg

Fresh Egg is among the leading digital marketing agencies in the UK. Our mission is to uncover customer challenges and transform them into digital success. We don't employ cogs to fit into a machine, we employ exceptional individuals who can help us to outperform expectations consistently.

We firmly believe that SEO is a team effort and that working collaboratively with other specialist teams will consistently deliver the best solution.

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