How to prioritise digital marketing tactics

Watch a re-run of our Fresh Thinking Live! webinar from 25/11/2020 where our digital strategists shared their knowledge on how to prioritise digital marketing tactics.


Hosted by Business director, June Robinson, the discussion on How to prioritise digital marketing tactics included the following panellists:

  • David Somerville - Digital strategist
  • Duncan Heath - Digital strategist
  • Nate Wood - Digital strategist

Watch the webinar and learn about:

  • How to increase productivity
  • What tasks you should be working on
  • Common problems with prioritising tactics
  • Which prioritisation method you should use
  • How to deal with too many tasks
  • Helping your business case for more budget
  • Progressing innovation and ideas
  • Getting executive leadership buy-in
  • Why prioritising tactics will improve work outputs
  • Why knowing what tactics to work on makes work more enjoyable
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