Ad Copy and Sitelinks Template

Ad Copy and Sitelinks Template

Download this Excel template to create your own quality ad copy and sitelinks – it’s an essential tool to plan ads and stay within character limits for your online advertising.

This spreadsheet offers you a simple way to write quality and effective ad copy that is ready to be uploaded to the AdWords or Bing editors straight away. The template will ensure your ad copy is always within the required character limits and that all elements of ad copy are included and named with the correct headers.

Ad copy templates are essential to help you plan out effective ads, where you are able to clearly see the structure of the ads you are building. This template clearly shows what ad group and campaign the ad will be assigned to, and provides the ability to further refine the copy you have written.

Whether you are creating a series of new ads or are looking to write sitelinks, this template is designed to assist you with organising your copy and keeping track of key elements and character limits.

Use this template to ensure all aspects of writing ad copy or sitelinks are considered:

  • Know what ad group and campaign your ad sits within
  • Keep your copy within the required character limits
  • Include the relevant elements required to create your ad
  • Upload your copy in the correct format to minimise any mistakes or missed attributes
  • Re-use your template to update ad copy quickly and efficiently

To get started, simply download the document and follow the instructions.

If you would like more information about writing ad copy and sitelinks, please read our blog post - Basics of Biddable: Writing Top-Notch Ad Copy for Your Paid Advertising Campaigns.

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