Fresh Egg Guide to Internet Growth - DISCO

Internet Growth: DISCO

You don’t need us to tell you that the world of the internet has changed almost beyond recognition over the past ten years - there is a dizzying array of options for digital marketers to reach and interact with their audience.

This white paper, written by Dr David Sewell, explores the rapid evolution of five aspects of the internet, and the way each of these aspects is a driver for change in another area.

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The five key areas David covers in this white paper are:

  • Devices – What impact will the growing range of internet-enabled devices have on your business’s ability to present its data?
  • Infrastructure – How well is the availability, safety and security of the global connectivity infrastructure able to cope with our ever-increasing demand upon it?
  • Software – How is more sophisticated software, including APIs, changing the way businesses get their services and products to the widest possible audience?
  • Channels – Are you thinking beyond social, organic and paid to directly reach your audience through multiple appropriate channels for the ‘always on, always connected’ internet?
  • Organisation – Is your business able to organise and analyse data effectively to make the most of ‘big data’?