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Multi Device Marketing Icon Mobile and tablet use is growing at an explosive rate. To ensure your site can meet increasing customer demands, you must consider user experience at every swipe, tap and flick.

Fresh Egg can help your business respond to this mobile explosion through the definition, design and build of outstanding mobile experiences, and by integrating mobile considerations into all of our digital marketing project and campaign work.

We use web analytics and other data to create a detailed picture of how your website visitors find and interact with your content via mobile devices. We then replicate these journeys on the most popular mobile phones and tablets, looking for opportunities to improve the experience and increase conversions. This can also include user studies and focus groups, which we normally run at our attractive modern offices.

If mobile development is needed, the best solution may be a new responsive site build, the development of a dedicated mobile site or adapting your desktop site to deliver an improved mobile experience. Whichever route you choose, we can solve your mobile challenges either through a new design and build project or hands-on iterative optimisation through our ongoing maintenance, project and digital marketing campaign work.

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