Top 10 Tools for Pinterest

Chloë McKenna

With over 70 million users and counting, Pinterest has risen to become a hugely important platform for business. It is the fastest growing social network, drives more ecommerce than Facebook and is the fourth biggest referral of traffic worldwide. Pinterest is a fantastic way for companies to showcase products and engage with customers, yet many businesses are still unsure of how to use it effectively. These tools are all designed to help users (and especially businesses) get the most out of Pinterest, from pinning right through to analysis. 


Pinalytics allows users to analyse Pinterest activity through searching, tracking and reviewing interactions and content. The search function allows users to find relevant pins and pinners, sortable by a number of factors including number of shares across other social platforms. 

Pinalytics Pinterest tool

Pin Alerts

Pin Alerts is a simple but effective tool which notifies you whenever an image is pinned to Pinterest from your website.  Very handy for tracking repins from your site and also seeing exactly who is sharing your content. 

Pinalerts Pinterest tool


Curalate is a paid tool which helps users to understand how audiences engage with images and see which pins receive the best engagement. Curalate provides in-depth data about boards, followers, interactions and pins. This information can be used to inform future campaigns and post content which resonates with followers.

Curalate Pinterest tool


Pinvolve allows users to sync their Facebook and Pinterest accounts. The time-saving tool works by automatically pulling in pins from Pinterest and Instagram, displaying them on your Facebook page. The images are kept in the Pinterest format and you can choose to automatically sync all pins or choose which to sync by board. Pinvolve is also currently in the process of creating an embeddable version which will allow users to display photos on third party websites.

Pinvolve Pinterest tool

Pin as image

Share as image converts any text (such as a quote) into an attractive image suitable for pinning onto Pinterest. The colours, font and text size can all be personalised and also shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Pin as Image Pinterest Tool


PinPuff is a free tool which measures influence and assigns a ‘pinfluence’ score based upon reach and engagement on pins. It also assigns a monetary value (cost per click) to pins and allows users to track and analyse activity. Pinpuff also rewards users with ‘pinperks’ including gifts, invites and subscriptions based upon score ranking.

PinPuff Pinterest tool


Postris allows users to see what’s trending on Pinterest. Through Postris, you can find what content is popular within certain categories, get real-time updates from publications, track specific interests and customise the dashboard.

Postris Pinterest toolPin Search 

Pin Search is a chrome extension which allows users to run a Google search on any image on Pinterest. Once implemented a ‘search’ button will appear on images which, if clicked, will search Pin Search is a chrome extension which allows users to run a Google search on any image on Pinterest. Once implemented a ‘search’ button will appear on images which, if clicked, will search Google to find similar items. It also displays all the websites which feature the image and, where appropriate, information about the designer or photographer who created it.

Pinsearch Pinterest tool


Pinstamatic allows users to share more than just images on Pinterest. Add notes, quotations and even music that is playable directly from boards. There are multiple features including clickable maps and Pins of whole web pages. Great for adding some variety to your boards and making non-visual content viable for pinning.

Pinstamatic Pinterest tool

Piqora describes itself as “The complete marketing suite for the visual web” focusing on analytics for Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Features include campaign tracking, as well as customisable landing page and promotion tools. Piqora also tracks images which are trending and top influencers, plus benchmarks you against similar competitors.

Piqora Pinterest tool
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