Google Analytics health check & audit

With a Google Analytics health check or audit, we can help to ensure your data is accurate and that you’re measuring the right metrics for your KPIs. It's what we do best.


What is a Google Analytics health check?

Think of it as an MOT for your Google Analytics (GA) account. A GA health check focuses on whether your account is set-up optimally and if there are issues that need to be fixed.

  • First and foremost we provide an outline of areas for concern and any tracking issues.
  • As we make our way through the auditing process, we also make an assessment of your data integrity.
  • We then apply fixes for any basic issues and quick wins.
  • Once the health check is complete, we provide a list of any further recommendations for advanced tracking configurations and set up, doing all the hard work for you.

Eight out of ten analytics health checks highlight data issues

What is a Google Analytics audit?

If you want to go for a full service, our Google Analytics audit delivers an epic (yes, epic!) trilogy of services to uncover and fix any issues with your account, ensuring your setup is optimal and everything is running smoothly for you to take over the wheel and watch the insights roll in.

#1 Audit

We start with a full and detailed audit of your set up - leaving no stone unturned - sharing the findings and then go on to make any changes or improvements. We provide clear recommendations for next steps, including any additional tracking customisations and fixes.

#2 Strategy

A measurement strategy ensures your measurement is going to be accurate and consistent. We plan ahead and put a strategy in place for future, as well as current, activity. Once completed, we implement custom configurations for Google Analytics to ensure the two are perfectly aligned.

#3 Implementation

We then implement the fixes and additional tracking that have been unearthed in the first two stages of the process. Once completed, we are left with a robust and verified custom configuration of your GA that measures all the metrics that matter to you and your business.

We can help you validate the integrity of your GA data

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