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Master onsite optimisation, understand Google’s algorithms and learn how to implement and measure SEO campaigns with our SEO experts.

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Our trainers have years of experience working for organisations of all shapes and sizes, including ecommerce, hospitality and insurance. They are familiar with all facets of technical SEO, keeping on top of the latest changes as they develop.

Our SEO training is tailored to your business

What sets our SEO training apart is that we ground it around your data. You will leave the training sessions with actionable learnings that equip you to start implementing the techniques you have learned.

Our training includes:

  • High-quality, tailored sessions for between 3-10 participants at a time
  • Bespoke training materials
  • A recording of the training, available for two years
  • Two weeks of follow-up support via email

SEO Essentials

Training course covering SEO fundametals

Course details:

  • Made-up of five sessions

Session 1 - How search engines work


Basic understanding of:

  • The principles that search engines aim to deliver.
  • The methods search engines use to achieve their goals.
  • What this means for content strategies

What you'll gain

Introductory session to cover basic concepts relating to how a search engine functions. This session isn’t about covering in-dept computer science, but it’s important to understand some
of these concepts when it comes to applying what follows.

Session 2 - Search Intent

  • Understanding of methods for analysing user needs and behaviours in Search.
  • Search behaviour map for one of your essential audience journeys, using your site as the example.
  • Applying these insights practically to content, again using your website as the relevant content examples.

What you'll gain

You'll understand how to look at SEO through the lens of a search engine user so that you can begin to make evidence-based decisions that target their needs rather than chasing Google's ranking algorithm. The knowledge to explore SERP and competitor analysis, plus other tools and methods you can employ. Finally, you'll see how this aligns with onsite experience and user journeys.

Session 3 - Technical SEO


  • Knowledge of technical SEO guidelines as relevant to content
  • This includes on-page elements such as headings, metadata and Schema. Using your web property as the example site.
  • Understand internal linking practices for practical application within content work, using your website as the example site.

What you'll gain

How to explore aspects of technical SEO relevant to marketing and content specialists. For example, what could hinder or enhance content performance in search engines?

Session 4 - Measuring SEO


  • Understanding Google Search Console data and greater confidence in using it, using your GSC data.
  • Awareness of how to measure SEO to business success.
  • A measurement plan for SEO that aligns with any existing digital measurement plan.

What you'll gain

Using Google Search Console to analyse the SEO performance of existing content. You'll learn how to explore and understand performance trends, how search engines reward effort, and how to relate SEO data to onsite analytics and business goals.

Session 5 - On-page content optimisation


  • Knowledge of fundamental on-page content optimisation elements and techniques
  • Awareness of how to align on-page content optimisation to meet the needs of users and search engines.
  • Methods for continued and iterative content optimisation to apply to your website.

What you'll gain

You'll gain knowledge of the fundamentals of on-page content optimisation and key principles in ensuring content is meeting the needs of both search engines and users.


1-5 delegates £2,750 +VAT
6-10 delegates £4,400 +VAT


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