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How do you measure success? With so much data available to you, the answer is more complicated than ever before – that's where we come in.

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Understanding data to measure the customer experience

With two decades of web marketing under our belt and Google Marketing Platform (GMP) partner status, we are here to help you extract the meaning and value currently locked in your organisation's data.

Knowledge is power

The more we learn will enhance the difference we make to your business and the experience your customers have with your brand. Our highly skilled analysts are experts in the Google stack, holding individual platform qualifications for GA, GTM, Data Studio, and Optimize. We're platform-agnostic and work with both Google and Adobe Analytics.

Our team can help you in the following ways

Google Analytics support

Typical problems we help with include:

  • Google Analytics 4 setup and troubleshooting
  • Solving data integrity and trust issues
  • Troubleshooting eCommerce tracking
  • Google Analytics and GTM auditing
  • Advanced configurations of Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager support

Google Analytics training

We help build individual and team skills with:

  • Google Analytics training – beginner to advanced
  • Introduction to Google Analytics 4
  • Mastering Google Tag Manager
  • How to create engaging dashboards in Google Data Studio
  • Bespoke training sessions to train entire teams or organisations on your data, no job too big or small

Data strategy

We help our clients solve these types of data challenges:

  • There is a vast amount of data available, but you are unsure how to get value from it?
  • Building a data warehouse in Google BigQuery to combine multiple data sources, like GA, Email and CRM data.
  • Merging data streams for Web and Apps in Google Analytics 4
  • Data workshops to help uncover the value of your organisation's data

Data insight and reporting

We can help with issues like:

  • Create fast and reliable reporting dashboards tailored to your needs
  • Understanding which channels are driving conversions and why
  • Identifying weak spots in your conversion journey
  • Weekly/monthly performance reporting with actionable insights
  • Campaign analysis deep dives
  • Site migrations and their impact

How we help our clients

Bronze - Building

Ongoing support for smaller organisations

£1,750 a month

Suitable for smaller organisations or emerging businesses with straightforward tracking setups

Features include

  • Monthly six hours specialist support
  • GA4 healthchecks and monitoring
  • GA4 documentation (onboarding)
  • Regular PII checks
  • GA4 feature upgrades
  • Bitesize training and webinars
  • Access to Fresh Egg training archive
  • Monthly status report
  • Monthly status calls

Ongoing support for mid-sized businesses

£3,500 a month

Suitable for mid-sized businesses with customised tracking or who are looking to enhance their current set-up

Features include

  • Everything in the Bronze package, and...
  • GTM healthchecks and monitoring
  • Tag documentation
  • GTM feature upgrades
  • GA4 foundations training
  • GA4 and GTM coaching
  • Surgery sessions
  • Fortnightly status calls
  • 12 hours per month of specialist support
  • 48 hour priority issue support turnaround

Ongoing support for businesses handling large volumes of data

From £5,500 a month

Suitable for organisations and businesses that handle large volumes of data.

Features include

  • Everything in the Bronze and Silver packages, and...
  • BigQuery/GCP healthchecks and monitoring
  • BigQuery/GCP feature upgrades
  • GA4 advanced training (up to 5 delegates)
  • GTM training (up to 5 delegates)
  • Weekly surgery calls
  • 24 hours per month of specialist support
  • Dashboard build and upkeep
  • Same-day priority issue support turnaround

Some of the brands we work with

We've helped countless businesses to see the real value of their marketing with measurement planning and data strategy.

Do you have an analytics related challenge we can help you with?

Do you need help validating your data?

The value you get from your data depends on its integrity, but data quality needs ongoing care.

  • When was the last time you had the quality of your data assessed?
  • Can you trust those numbers, and do they all mean what you think they do?

A periodical review of your analytics configuration is a good start. Still, as things change (organisation/user needs, competitors, etc.), data collection and reporting require regular checks. We don't see an analytics audit as a one-off project but as an ongoing investment into your data quality. We up-skill your teams to do this work and own that data quality.

Fresh Egg Google Analytics Services

Our analytics services include:

Google Analytics 4

Need help with GA4? We assist our clients with end-to-end setup, migration support and training of Google's new reporting platform. See our selection of GA4 resources.

Help with GA4

Auditing Google Analytics

We frequently audit GA configurations (including GA4) for clients. Our thorough audit process includes measurement planning, a health check, fixes of all issues, and configuration of new events and goals to match your business needs.

Google Analytics audits

Measurement strategy

The foundation of all web analytics work should be a measurement framework that outlines all data points and how they relate to business objectives. Once an organisation aligns and agrees on KPIs, it can report data confidently.

Help with measuring data

GA360 upgrades and support

We work with many GA360 users to help them get the most out of their investment in the platform. From technical support to advanced tracking implementations, monthly insight reporting or crunching data in BigQuery - we can help.

Automated reporting dashboards

We create practical, dynamic reporting dashboards for our clients, the type that brings data to life. After identifying the audience and KPIs, we work closely with you to provide easy access to the data to drive effective decision making.

Reporting dashboards

Data blending and digital impact measurement

Digital marketing is built on a ‘test and learn’ methodology. Our data measurement platform collects data from multiple data sources and provides accurate reporting using as many metrics as possible.

Discover how we blend data and measure impact

Tracking website migrations with GTM

A poor website migration will impact the quality of your data if you don’t manage the transition carefully. We have migrated tracking implementations in Google Tag Manager across popular platforms including Magento, Shopify, Sitecore and Kentico.

Learn more about tracking web migrations

User journey analysis

Practical analysis of user journeys through your website is not straightforward for Google or Adobe Analytics users. We assist companies in understanding who their users are and how each of their audiences interacts with their digital property.

Learn more about journey analysis and mapping

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