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How do you measure success? With so much data available to you, the answer is more complicated than ever before – that's where we come in.


Understanding data to measure the customer experience

With two decades under our belt and Google Marketing Platform (GMP) partner status, we are well placed to help you extract the meaning and value that's currently submerged deep in the digital fathoms.

Knowledge is power, so the more we learn, the more power we have to make a real difference to your business and the experience your customers have with your brand. We work platform-agnostic and regularly work with Adobe Analytics but we are real specialists when it comes to the Google stack – our teams hold individual platform qualifications for GA, GTM, Data Studio as well as Optimize.

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Our analytics and data experts have pretty much seen everything and solved problems that you're likely encountering - we can help.

Data is a huge field and no two organisations face identical challenges. Our solutions and support are typically tailored and unique but here are some of the key areas we help our clients with:

Google Analytics help

Typical problems we can fix include:

  • Issues with trusting the integrity of data
  • Ecommerce data not showing correctly in GA
  • A need to audit Google Analytics data
  • Help in setting-up Google Analytics correctly
  • GA is not tracking correctly and help is required to locate the issue
  • Issues with Google Tag Manager

Data strategy

We help our clients solve these types of data challenges:

  • There is a vast amount of data available, but you are not sure what to do with it
  • Combining multiple data sources, for example, CRM and GA data
  • Where to start with connecting web data with CRM data

Data insight and reporting

We can help with issues like:

  • Needing to show the value of marketing spend
  • Needing a true understanding of a website's performance
  • Set-up of accurate dashboards for reporting
  • Understanding which channels are driving conversions
  • Wanting to measure the success of a new ecommerce website

Google Analytics training

We help build individual and team skills with:

  • Standard, intermediate and advanced courses in Google Analytics
  • How to use Google Tag Manager
  • How to create easy to understand data views in Data Studio to bring you and your team up to speed
  • Bespoke training sessions to train entire teams or organisations, no job too big or small

Some of the brands we are working with

We've helped countless businesses to see the real value of their marketing with measurement planning and data strategy.

Do you have an analytics related challenge we can help you with?

Does your data need a little TLC?

The value you get from your data depends on it's integrity but data quality needs ongoing care

When was the last time you had the quality of your data assessed? Can you really trust those numbers and do they all mean what you think they do? A periodical review of your analytics configuration is a good start but as things start changing (your user's needs, the organisation, competitors etc), data collection and reporting will probably need to be reviewed as well. 

That's why, at Fresh Egg, we don't see an analytics audit as a one-off project but instead an on-going investment into your data quality. And we will up-skill your teams to do this work and own that data quality. 

Google Analytics Agency Services - The Fresh Egg Google Analytics process

Headshot of Fresh Egg's Head of Analytics and Insight Services, Julian Erbsloeh

Every organisation has a set of unique data challenges, and no two setups are the same. We have seen a lot over the years and regularly find new challenges too, this is what we love about our job!  Talk to us about your challenges today and we'll help you find the right solution.

Graham Marsh, Analytics director

Some of the analytics services we provide for our clients include

Auditing Google Analytics

We frequently audit GA configurations for new and existing clients. Whether it is for a small, local charity or a multi-national operating in 60 countries, we have done it all. Our super-thorough audit process typically includes measurement planning, a health check, fixes of all issues, and configuration of new events and goals to match your business needs.

Google Analytics audits

Measurement strategy

The foundation of all web analytics work should be a measurement framework that outlines all of the datapoints and how they relate to business objectives. Only once the organisation has aligned and agreed which KPIs to look at, can they move forward as one. Read our successful blog post and download our free resource to find out more.

Help with measuring data

Upgrading to GA360 and the Google Marketing Platform

We work with a number of GA360 users to help them get most out of their investment in this amazing platform. Whether it is technical support with advanced tracking implementations, monthly insight reporting or crunching data in BigQuery, we have done it all. If your analytics efforts are hampered by sampled data and you want to explore your options to upgrade, get in touch today.

Upgrade to GA360

Automated reporting dashboards

We create beautiful, dynamic reporting dashboards for our clients, the type that really makes your data sing! After identifying the audience and KPIs, we work closely with you until you have easy access to the data you frequently need. We believe that making good data accessible is key to successful decision making.

Reporting dashboards

Data blending and digital impact measurement

Digital marketing is built on a ‘test and learn’ methodology. Our data measurement platform collects data from multiple data sources and provides accurate reporting using as many metrics as possible.

Discover how we blend data and measure impact

Tracking website migrations with GTM

Website migrations to a new platform, new domain or new skin can dramatically impact the quality of your data if you don’t manage the transition carefully. We have migrated tracking implementations with Google Tag manager in all of the major platforms like Demandware, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Hybris, Sitecore, Drupal, Kentico

User journey analysis

Whether you are using Google or Adobe Analytics, effective analysis of user journeys through your website is not a straight-forward business. We assist companies to understand who their users are and how each of their audiences interact with their website, or even the entire user experience journey.

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