Analytics and Data

How do you measure success? With an ocean of data at your fingertips, the answer is more complicated than ever before and navigating your data can be an expedition in itself.


Analytics to measure customer experience

With two decades under our belt and Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) status, we are well placed to help you extract the meaning and value that's currently submerged deep in the digital fathoms. Knowledge is power, so the more we learn, the more power we have to make a real difference to your business and the experience your customers have with your brand.

Analytics Audit

Getting your measurement setup right is no easy task - but when done correctly the impact on your business can be huge. Through our Health Check and Audit, we delve and burrow into your analytics setup to identify any issues and provide the fixes to get you on the road to success.

Planning & Strategy

Before you can start to measure success, you need to define what success is actually being measured against. Our approach to measurement planning translates your objectives into measurable metrics for your website, creating a touchstone for your digital marketing strategy and beyond.

Reporting & Insight

Once you have a fully functioning measurement setup you will need an expert pair of eyes to uncover the insight to drive future performance. Working from a bespoke dashboard, we create a single report to encompass all of your digital activity via one, consistently attributed source of data. Simplicity always wins.

Our Analytics and Data services

Analytics Audit

Our analytics audit uncovers and fixes any issues to ensure your setup is right and everything is running smoothly.

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Planning & Strategy

We’ll help you find the way with an in-depth process leading to the creation of a bespoke measurement plan and strategy.

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Insight & Reporting

We do all the hard work for you - investigating and analysing data, often from more than one source.

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Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Training

Because knowing is half the battle, we provide training courses to help you learn more about the wonderful world of data analysis.

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Digital Edge

Automate data integration, analysis and reporting using our proprietary tool, Digital Edge.

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Digital Impact

Quantify the impact of your digital marketing activity using Digital Impact, our award-winning data modelling tool.

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Google Analytics 360

The enterprise version of Google Analytics, and part of the Google Marketing Platform, Analytics 360 can take your data strategy to the next level.

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