£2.6m uplift for Ageas

Through a single A/B experiment, we helped Ageas drive +£2.6m annual incremental revenue by improving brand awareness and the value proposition.

Client: Ageas
Sector: Insurance
Website: Ageas.co.uk
Services: Conversion Services

Following an initial discovery and analysis of the Ageas quote and buy journey, we created a prioritised testing backlog that focused on increasing user conversion rate through to policy purchase. One of the leading concepts was improving brand awareness and showcasing the policy’s core benefits.

We worked with the Ageas’ design team and developed an A/B experiment that fulfilled the insight gained in the discovery phase to help increase conversion to sale. Here, we show how we achieved these strong results through A/B experimentation.

Key project outcomes

+3% increase in sales

+2.6m annual incremental revenue

+3% increase in conversion to sale

Headshot of Jamie Bowden

This test began our CRO programme with Fresh Egg. We were particularly excited about this test idea that Fresh Egg proposed as it amplified the rebrand work we had delivered earlier in the year. The test results were fantastic, and we look forward to continuing to work together.

Jamie Bowden, Digital Journey Manager, Ageas

The challenge

When partnering with Ageas, one of the key goals was to reignite the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) programme and drive a 3% increase in conversion rate. The key strategic aims to achieve this were:

  • Increase return
  • Increase CRO maturity
  • Increase innovation
  • Increase velocity
  • Increase visibility

To help achieve a +3% increase in conversion rate over the programme, we focussed initially on increasing return and increasing innovation.

Headshot of Tim Richards

What a fantastic first test for Ageas to kickstart and reignite their CRO programme. The collaboration between Ageas and Fresh Egg was exceptional and helped capture the optimum design for the test. Driving such a significant improvement through this test excites everyone for further testing!

Tim Richards,  Conversion Services Director

Our solution

To enable us to drive the targets set by Ageas, we ran an initial discovery to unearth insights across the journey. During this initial phase, the findings highlighted clear friction on the Premium page, where users land from a price comparison website (PCW). The insight showed a low conversion rate to purchasing the policy, with the next step conversion from the Premium page low. The data highlighted an opportunity to improve this metric and the 'quote to sale' conversion.

To help understand the why of the insight, our User Research team carried out moderated user research and found that brand recognition, quality, and reputation were issues, with all participants stating they did not recognise the Ageas brand.

We worked with the Ageas design team to design a mobile-first design on the Premium page that would improve the value proposition of Ageas car insurance and highlight key benefits of the core policy.

We then developed the design and then A/B tested it so that we could confirm with statistical significance whether the variation was better than the current version.

Headshot of Stephen Courtney

This test demonstrated a high level of coordination between our research methods and testing strategy. Data analysis highlighted the location as a strategic priority, whilst user testing and audience interviews showed that visitors required a clearer understanding of Ageas' brand values. Successfully applying those insights has given us confidence in our approach.

Stephen Courtney, Senior CRO & UX Strategist

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The outcome

As a result of this A/B test during the testing phase, we saw:

  • +3% increase in conversion to sale
  • +3% increase in add-on sales

The forecast predicts that pushing the winning experience to 100% of users will drive +£2.6m of incremental revenue to Ageas annually.

In summary

We're hugely proud of the results of the first test for Ageas. It is a genuine endorsement of the team and our CRO performance model, where we take the risk of demonstrating value and expertise when working with new clients. We can now look forward to undertaking further tests.


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