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Training courses for analysts, marketers, developers and business owners planning to implement Google Analytics 4.

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Our Google Analytics 4 (GA4) training is tailored to your business

Our trainers each have over 10 years of experience working for organisations of all shapes and sizes, including ecommerce firms. They are familiar with the premium features of Google Analytics and are on top of all the latest GA4 developments. What sets our training apart is that we ground it in the particular way you use Google Analytics while demonstrating the added benefits of GA4. You will leave our training sessions with actionable learnings which will equip you to get the most out of GA4 for your business.

Our training includes:

  • High-quality, tailored sessions for between 3-10 participants at a time
  • Bespoke training materials
  • A recording of the training, available for two years
  • Two weeks of follow-up support via email

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Google Analytics 4 Essentials

Training course covering GA4 fundamentals

Course details

  • Training course covering GA4 fundamentals
  • Two three-hour sessions

Session 1 - New measurement concept and reporting features.


  • What is GA4, and how does it work
  • How is it different to Universal Analytics
  • What are events within GA4
  • What is a user, and how does GA4 track things
  • How does it work for apps
  • How to use the interface
  • How to use the new insights section
  • How to use the reporting section
  • How to see campaign reports
  • How to see landing page reports
  • How to see events reports

What you'll gain

Get hands-on experience setting up and operating a GA4 account. Discover the main differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics and gain confidence in using its new concepts – 'users' and 'events' rather than 'sessions'. Get to grips with the interface and learn about the default reports available.

Session 2 - Custom reporting and tailor-made insight generation.

  • How to customise the reporting section
  • How to create your own events
  • How to create your own conversion events
  • How to use the 'exploration' interface
  • How to migrate your universal analytics goals
  • How to use the attribution settings and what is attribution
  • How to set up audiences and segmentation
  • How to set up custom dimensions
  • How to integrate GA4 with other platforms

What you'll gain

You'll take away how to customise reports by creating your own events and marking them as conversions (now that GA4 no longer uses the 'goals' feature familiar from Universal Analytics). Attendees will also gain experience handcrafting data models with GA4's Explorations feature and discover how to integrate GA4 with other Google platforms.


1-5 delegates £2,750 +VAT
6-10 delegates £4,400 +VAT

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Our training attendees say...

I think Julian understood what we want out of our analytics, which made the training feel relevant to us and, therefore, engaging.

Alex, The Health Foundation

There was a really good mix of quick wins and longer-term projects for us to think about, for example, how we can use segments to track journeys across the website in a meaningful, insightful way.

Kate, The Health Foundation

Google Analytics 4 Advanced

A three part training course covering GA4 fundamentals and new Google Tag Manager (GTM) features.

Course details

  • Training course covering GA4 features and new Google Tag Manager (GTM) features
  • Two three-hour sessions and one two-hour session

This course includes parts one and two from the Essentials course, custom reporting and tailor-made insight generation.


  • How to set up and deploy tags using GA4
  • How to structure your GA4 events using event parameters
  • How to structure your GA4 accounts
  • How to set up Enhanced eCommerce using GA4
    • Add to basket
    • Checkout
    • Purchase
  • How to migrate to GA4 eCommerce from Universal Analytics

What you'll gain

Make your GA4 reports more interactive with detailed event parameters and other data-structure options. Learn how to easily integrate GTM with GA4 to manage tags across large digital estates. Gain valuable tips on the most cost-effective way to migrate data from Universal Analytics to GA4 eCommerce.


1-5 delegates £3,750 + VAT
6-10 delegates £6,000 + VAT

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