Google Analytics 360

Analytics 360 is the enterprise version of Google Analytics and forms the core technology of the Google Marketing Platform.


As a Google Marketing Platform services partner, we can help you choose the right license for your business needs and make the transition.

Why upgrade to Google Analytics 360?

The standard version of Google Analytics is arguably one of the most powerful free tools available to digital marketers, and that's what we use on the majority of websites we work with. In the right hands, it allows for a very sophisticated level of customisation which, for most organisations, can provide all of the data they could ever dream of. So how does the enterprise version compare with the free version and what are the benefits of upgrading?

With Google Analytics 360, you get the following benefits:

  1. Data thresholds for high-traffic websites
  2. Unlock marketing automation
  3. Greater integration
  4. Maximise the return on campaign budgets
  5. Data ownership
  6. Conversion optimisation and personalisation

Data thresholds for high-traffic websites

Where Google Analytics is collecting a high-volume of data - based on hits, rather than sessions - data sampling can become a serious issue. This can make it hard to drill down on segmented data, or reports that cover a lengthy date range, reducing the confidence in the findings or even compromising them entirely.

While the free version of Google Analytics allows for processing of up to 10 million hits per month, sampling thresholds are lower and are affected by how many data points you are collecting. So, the more custom data you collect, the more likely you are to encounter sampled data when analysing it.

Analytics 360 also enables a roll-up view for multiple properties, making it easier to manage data for multiple websites separately without losing the overview. This is particularly useful for large organisations operating across a range of markets.

Unlock marketing automation

Using automation as part of the marketing mix can benefit organisations of any size but is typically reserved to those with large advertising budgets. With Analytics 360 at the heart of the broader Google Marketing Platform, you can power up your paid media campaigns using Google Ad Manager or Display & Video 360.

Integrations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud enable synchronisation of direct marketing such as SMS or email. Building marketing audiences based on website behaviour in GA360 and pushing these directly into your marketing platforms for highly targeted campaigns is extremely powerful.

Greater integration

For many organisations, a single analytics tool is not enough - being able to combine analytics data with a CRM or other marketing platforms can increase the power of data insights. Data warehousing platforms such as BigQuery offer the potential to create a truly integrated and customised measurement model. Analytics 360 includes support for Salesforce and BigQuery integration as well as greater flexibility when it comes to extracting data at scale.

Maximise return on campaign budgets

If your marketing team is operating with large budgets, having an enterprise platform at your fingertips can help increase efficiency and reduce waste. Audience groups and engagement data can be shared cross-platform to ensure each part of your marketing toolkit is joined up. Additional features such as custom tables and funnel reporting give greater flexibility. Data freshness of fewer than four hours, and sometimes within one hour, meaning you can uncover insights and react to them almost in real-time.

Data ownership

With Analytics 360, you own the data it collects. This, combined with the service guarantees and SLAs, plus the greater level of support available, make it an attractive proposition for larger organisations - especially those operating in regulated sectors.

Conversion optimisation and personalisation

Using Analytics 360 in combination with Google's powerful A/B testing platform, Optimize 360, means you can create audience segments using Analytics and target these audiences within your testing programme in Optimize. With no limit on the number of tests running concurrently, this means that you can effectively personalise user journeys for very specific audiences on your site while testing for the best version. This is a powerful feature no other A/B testing platform can offer.

Do you have a need to upgrade to Google Analytics 360?

How much does Google Analytics 360 cost?

The license fee for Analytics 360 varies depending on the amount of traffic to your website, but starts from around £8,300 per month in the lowest tier.

This tier covers up to 500 million hits, compared with 10 million on the free version. Typically, this also includes the enterprise version of Google Tag Manager (GTM360), but additional products like Optimize360 will incur additional cost. There are some attractive discounts available if product licenses are purchased in a bundle.

Our team would be happy to talk you through the options to help you understand what the Google Marketing Platform can do for your business and the likely costs.

How we can help?

We support our clients to ensure they get the most from Analytics 360

Some of the things we do for our Analytics 360 clients:

  • Manage the migration from your current web analytics platform
  • Advanced implementation of Analytics 360 through Tag Manager
  • Enhanced Ecommerce configuration
  • Measurement planning and data strategy
  • Reporting automation
  • BigQuery data extraction and processing
  • On-going support and optimisation
  • Platform training in GA, GTM and Data Studio
  • User journey analysis
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What are the differences between Google Analytics 360 vs Google Analytics?

Compare the differences between free and paid versions of Google Analytics

Our comparison table shows the key differences between the two versions. As the platforms evolve (and Google are great at continuously developing their products further), the list of features expands.

Hit limits for data processing Up to 10 million hits per month Up to 2 billion hits per month (0.5 billion first tier)
Data export and API access Yes Yes
Maximum data rows 50,000 rows per export 3,000,000 rows per export
Google Drive Integration -- Yes
Unsampled Reporting -- Yes
BigQuery integration for clickstream data -- Yes
Custom dimensions and metrics 20 of each 200 of each
Views per web property Max 200 per property Max 400 per property
Cross-property rollup reporting -- Yes
Contract and service guarantees -- Yes
Real-time data -- Yes
Data freshness 24+ hours 1-4 hours
Attribution modelling Yes Yes
Campaign Measurement Yes Yes
Google Ads integration Yes Yes
Multi-channel reporting Yes Yes
Salesforce integration -- Yes
Data-driven attribution modelling -- Yes
Optimise 360 audience integration -- Yes
Search Ads 360 integration -- Yes
Display & Video 360 integration -- Yes
Custom reporting Yes Yes
Advanced segmentation Yes Yes
Analytics alerts Yes Yes
Real-time data Yes Yes
Flow visualization Yes Yes
Custom unsampled tables -- Yes
Advanced analysis reporting interface -- Yes
Custom funnel reporting -- Yes
Freshness -- 98% (4 hours or less)
Collection -- 99.9%
Reporting -- 99.0%
Google Tag Manager -- Yes
Service level guarantees -- Yes

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