Look EAST - Using a Behavioural Insights framework to improve customer experience

I am really pleased to announce the launch our latest whitepaper, exploring the link between behavioural insights and marketing, and how the EAST framework can be directly applied to your strategies to improve customer experience.

I’ve always had a passion for studying human behaviour. At university I studied behavioural sciences and my 20-year marketing career has been spent experimenting with ways to change behaviour through content, messaging and language.

It’s a fascinating area of study and one that has many parallels with digital marketing – and it’s this that I explore in the whitepaper.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • What are behavioural insights?
  • Behavioural insights in marketing
  • Nudge theory – why it matters for marketing
  • What the EAST model is and how to apply to marketing
  • 10 stages of customer experience (CX)
  • How to combine EAST and CX

What is EAST all about?

Behavioural insights is a relatively new kid on the block in the world of human sciences. It combines behavioural sciences with economics and psychology to understand and influence people’s decision making. It’s used predominantly by Government departments to improve the design and implementation of public policy for citizens.

This is done (much like it is in conversion rate optimisation here at Fresh Egg), by using large-sample trials to explore how subtle changes in the way choices are framed can influence people’s behaviour.

Learn how to apply the EAST behavioural insights model

An example of this is the change from making people opt-in to a pension scheme to auto-enrolment. When this trial was conducted by the Department of Work and Pensions, it saw an increase in pension scheme participation from 63% to 81%.

This test and learn approach is something we’re very invested in here at Fresh Egg. We segment audiences to test personalisation on websites, and use CRO to test different content, navigation and designs in search of the optimal user journey – just as the Government do to implement changes in policy.

Where it really gets interesting is one particular model used by the Government in this process, and how it can be directly applied to marketing strategy.

The behavioural insights framework, EAST, states that to change behaviour the intervention must be easy, attractive, social and timely – and it’s this that forms the basis of our new whitepaper:  How to apply the EAST behavioural insights model to your ongoing marketing strategies and content creation to unltimately transform customer experience.

Access the Look EAST whitepaper