Fresh Egg Talks AngularJS: Part One - What Is AngularJS?

If you're in any way connected to the world of web development, you've most likely heard people talk about AngularJS - the JavaScript framework maintained by Google, designed to make developing web applications easier and more flexible. 

'AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps.'

But what does that actually mean?

Watch the video below from Fresh Egg's head of innovation Dr David Sewell and myself to find out.

In the first of a five-part video series dedicated to AngularJS, the benefits of using it, and how Google and other search engines treat JavaScript frameworks, we answer the question: 'What Is AngularJS?'. 

The video covers:

  • What AngularJS is
  • When it came about
  • It's relationship with HTML5
  • What makes it better than HTML5
  • Who should care about AngularJS

Check it out below!

Still got questions about AngularJS and what it can do for your website? Ask our design and development teams - we'll be happy to help. Contact us today.

We'll be publishing another four short videos about AngularJS on the Fresh Egg blog in the near future. In these, find out more about AngularJS' best features, how it works with search crawlers and SEO, plus plenty of other info you need to know.

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