Fresh Egg have been shortlisted in the 2018 European Search Awards

More good news for Fresh Egg on the awards front - I am delighted to announce that our work for the NHS has been shortlisted for Best Use of Search (Third Sector) in the 2018 European Search Awards!

To say we’re incredibly proud of this piece of work and how it’s changing people’s lives is a huge understatement.  You can now access our FREE white paper that lifts the lid on the methodology of this groundbreaking project - one that puts customer experience journey mapping at the heart of how digital services could be used to assist the mental wellbeing of Londoners.

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The overall objective of the project is to improve the mental health of Londoners by encouraging them to self-manage their wellbeing, enabling the NHS to:

  • understand the different needs and wellness journeys of specific audience groups.
  • reach and engage people at key stages in their wellbeing journeys with targeted micro messaging.
  • position itself at the forefront of search results for popular search terms surrounding lack of sleep, anxiety, feeling low and stress.
  • alleviate the pressure on the already stretched physical NHS resource by intervening early and empowering people to help themselves.

The objective for Fresh Egg was to aggregate, structure and enrich the existing research and understand how the triggering contexts and experiences would translate digitally for the NHS. This insight was then used to form the backbone of a micro-targeted, hyper-efficient paid search strategy.

The integrated strategy, led by Fresh Egg, was rooted in customer experience (CX) discovery, using a combination of empathy and CX journey mapping, COM-B behavioural analysis, social listening and keyword research to uncover real conversations, trends and patterns of behaviour.

The Good Thinking digital service from the NHS was developed in conjunction with our research and CX journey mapping.

Having this work shorlisted for the 2018 European Search Awards is further testament to how Fresh Egg continues to grow and evolve to ride the ever-changing digital wave. Customer Experience is fully integrated and central to our approach. Customer experience journey mapping and delivering the right activity for our clients, based on moments of truth and the insight they realise, is what is quickly setting us apart from our competition. Its no surprise, therefore, that the shortlisted entry has this at its core.