Using NPS to track employee satisfaction

At Fresh Egg we hold a monthly, companywide, ‘Share and Trade’ session, where Freggers book out a 20 minute slot to share (or trade) learnings from recent training sessions or seminars, update us on key projects, get collective feedback from the group on client work or anything else that will bring value to the flock.

We recently had a slot, led by Luke Hay, on his analysis and brilliant debate on the value of Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a metric for success.  I won’t get into the gory details of the debate for now, as there were some pretty strong arguments both for and against. Also, it would be very one-sided as I am firmly in the “for” camp - mainly because we use NPS as a way of tracking employee satisfaction here at Fresh Egg.

We don’t use NPS on its own (the "against" camp in our debate were arguing, there is only so much that answering just one question can tell you), as the real value for me, as Head of Talent & Culture, comes from the comments from Freggers that come with it.

We run 4 staff satisfaction surveys over the course of the year. That may sound like a lot, but for a business like ours, its really important for us to keep track of things, rather than wait for a one-off annual review. Once a quarter we circulate the NPS survey, asking Freggers “Would you recommend Fresh Egg as a place to work?” and also giving them the opportunity to submit any further comments.  And once a year we circulate our annual staff survey.

The annual survey is designed to ask for Freggers to give their honest feedback on the company as a whole; our operations, services, culture and sales / marketing are all areas where we ask for detailed and honest feedback. The more honest the better, as the annual survey gives me, the board and our senior team a rich source of insight on where we are performing well, as well as suggesting areas where we can look to improve.      

As a team, we take the highest and lowest scoring areas and analyse the comments for any trends. We then create a plan with one clear objective: how can we fix, or improve, as many of these areas as possible? Each member of the senior team is aligned to a specific objective and we collectively monitor progress. And, of course, we also have our quarterly NPS survey as an indicator for how we are doing.

Over the last year we saw our NPS climb by 45 points (can I get a whoop-whoop!) and, what’s even better, is that people really do recommend us as an employer.  Last year 36% of all of our new joiners were referrals from current Freggers!;

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