Never stop learning

Written by Lucy Bunn - 12 Sept 2018

It’s that time of year again and the parents among us have spent the last few weeks finding the most cost-effective uniforms (because they’re going to be covered in paint within minutes), labelling 100s of pairs of socks and arguing over why those shoes aren’t appropriate. We’ve also been getting pretty excited for our little ones as they embark on their next year of learning. What facts will they come home with? Which subject will they find fascinating?

For most of us, learning within the adult world is a choice and we embrace that here at Fresh Egg.  That love of learning never goes. It’s all about learning what you love. 

In our digital world, there is always something new to learn. A billion advances to keep pace with an array of opinions to read.  Part of my role as Head of Talent and Culture is to ensure that everyone at Fresh Egg gets access to the right training to keep on top of their own ever-changing landscape.  Given the sheer velocity of this change it would be impossible for me to have a list of up to date, vetted and qualified digital courses as, no sooner had they been added they would, quite probably, be out of date.       

Our solution has been to build an allowance for training and conferences into our annual budget.  Thus enabling everyone in the business to access the right training or courses for their own personal development and progression.   Working collaboratively, we encourage all Freggers to look to attend training they feel they need, not what is dictated to them.  

Planning is key.

Forecasting the year ahead we plan in the conferences, slotting in additional training around them. This helps us to manage time and ensure that there will always be the option of training on the horizon without ever overburdening any team in the business. The timeline is then published on our internal training catalogue which all Freggers have access to and we will also occasionally nudge everyone to ensure sign up opportunities are not missed.  


After every training session we ask for feedback from the attendees to help understand; was it useful, did the right people attend, could the information gained be helpful to another team, what could be changed, are there any follow ups and whether it would be good to go again?


Each month we have a company wide meeting we call Share&Trade, during which, amongst other topics, the attendee will be asked to present a 10-minute overview of their key takeaways, thoughts, provoking ideas and discussion points.  Sharing this with the wider agency and discussing positive points can often encourage further attendance in the future.

Additional learning. 

And, of course, we allow a little buffer in the budget so that we can be sure to cover anything that comes up which we couldn’t have planned for at the beginning of the year. You never know what new and exciting discovery may come your way.

And that’s it!  We plan ahead to ensure we can keep our teams learning, progressing and sharing new knowledge. It’s as important to us as it is to them. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our learning and development programme here at Fresh Egg, then feel free to get in touch for a chat.