CRO maturity audit

Learn how to take your experimentation programme to the next level with our CRO maturity audit.

How the CRO maturity audit works

Our CRO maturity audit provides a systematic way to evaluate your CRO capability across four categories or ‘Maturity Pillars’.

Across each of these pillars, you can score from 1 to 5, ranging from ‘Beginning’ to ‘Leading’ – allowing you to benchmark your practice and enabling the identification of what it takes to get to the next level of maturity.

CRO maturity scorecards

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The four pillars of CRO maturity


Our maturity assessment falls neatly into four distinct areas. This grouping helps you quickly see areas of strength and areas for improvement. 

  1. People & Skills
    Assesses resources and team structure
    Who do you have available to support experimentation activity? Are they dedicated resources, what skills do they have and how experienced are they?

  2. Strategy & Culture
    Assesses the decision-making culture and the velocity of testing and insight
    Do you have a company-wide culture of experimentation and reliable, data-led decision-making? Do your program’s objectives align with your organisation’s? Do you have one eye on the bigger picture (taking your test and learn culture organisation-wide)? Are your leaders bought into this culture, or are you fighting an uphill battle?

  3. Tools & Technology
    Assesses experimentation technology available and data infrastructure
    Do you have the tools and technology to enable testing and measurement at scale across your entire tech stack on all channels? Do you struggle to join data from multiple third and first-party sources, or does everything run on a single-source-of-truth database?

  4. Process & Methodology
    Assesses your CRO research, planning, testing and analysis processes
    Do your methods produce reliable, trustworthy results? Are you operating an experimentation program with efficient, robust processes? Are you adhering to statistical best practices?

The CRO maturity assessment process

The five steps to CRO Maturity

Fresh Egg CRO consultants will conduct an in-depth survey with you and a series of follow-up workshops in which we help you build a long-term maturity plan with clear actions.

We ask lots of questions

To score against each of the pillars of the CRO maturity model, we ask you to answer some questions that are weighted behind the scenes to produce your score. We ask more questions than most (almost 100) because we deliver a dossier of actions alongside the usual top-level maturity scores. Naturally, some questions will have more of an influence on your maturity than others.

As an example, for most companies the ability to run simple A/B tests is far more important than having access to a data scientist, so we’ve used multipliers in our scoring system to ensure specific questions have a more significant influence on the overall score than others.

We run collaborative maturity workshops

You know your business better than we ever could. Getting your team in a room talking honestly about the state of your CRO programme will be infinitely more valuable than a simple survey alone. That’s why we deliver the results of your survey in a preliminary meeting, followed by a collaborative maturity workshop where we discuss potential actions.

We give you actions from the insights

It’s great to see where you benchmark against each pillar of maturity BUT even better if you know how to improve your performance in each. As we get such granular detail from our survey, we can easily identify areas of poor performance and what is going to help you make improvements in the short and the long term. 


Power up your CRO experimentation programme

Download our FREE CRO maturity model and learn about the journey to CRO maturity and what ‘leading’ looks like.

The benefits of a CRO maturity audit

Experimentation isn’t always easy. It’s a multi-disciplined and complex area. By completing a maturity assessment with us, we hope to inspire you.

Completing a CRO maturity audit will:

  • Arm you with new ideas
  • Provide areas of improvement
  • Give you a forum to discuss how you break down any barriers to progress
  • It will show you both what you have achieved and where to focus next
  • It will help you form the pathways to growth and steer you in the right direction
  • Additionally, we will advise you on what ‘leaders’ in experimentation resemble.

Full CRO maturity happens at an organisational level. It goes way beyond how well you run your A/B testing program; it’s a company-wide culture of test and learn. We will provide you with a vision of what ‘leading’ looks like to help you shape your future maturity.

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