CRO maturity audit

Measure, benchmark, and streamline your CRO practices to run better tests faster. A maturity audit turns experimentation into your secret weapon.

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A CRO maturity audit pinpoints any weaknesses and blind spots in your CRO practices that are holding you back. By interviewing stakeholders at every level, from developers to the C-Suite, we reveal useful insights that can transform your CRO programme.

A CRO maturity audit shows you how to improve your skills, technology, and processes. Our recommendations give your team a framework for elite experimentation and a roadmap to get there.

Copy the best CRO programmes

Our CRO team has decades of experience managing cutting-edge A/B testing projects.

Our audit gives you the formulas, workflows, and templates used by the very best CRO teams

Get better ROI and faster growth

Learning how to analyse user journeys, design optimisation solutions and prioritise your ideas will help you build winning tests faster. That means you get better returns from experimentation

Build support for experimentation

A maturity audit shows you how to build a culture of experimentation in your organisation. By aligning your teams and showing the benefits of a test-and-learn approach, we help to grow the influence of your CRO programme.


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How a CRO maturity audit works

To audit your practices, we need to ask a lot of questions. This can take place in person, during a workshop with your key stakeholders, or remotely with an online survey. We assess your programme across four areas, applying a clear rubric for scoring your CRO maturity. This unique framework means our analysis is systematic and generates precise recommendations that you can implement straight away.


1. People and skills

Audit your skills, training, and capabilities
This section identifies any shortcomings in the digital skills and knowledge you need to run successful experiments. We will highlight areas for training and identify positions you should invest in.

2. Strategy and culture

Assess how you make decisions and solve problems
Do you work within a culture of experimentation and evidence-based thinking? How well do you understand your customers and their behaviour? We will help you cultivate business-wide alignment with test-and-learn philosophy.

3. Tools and technology

Review your testing tools and data infrastructure
Do you have the tools and technology to scale experimentation? Can you trust your data? We find any weak spots in your technical setup and recommend solutions.

4. Process and methodology

Analyse your workflows and processes
Do your methods produce reliable, trustworthy results? Are there clear roles and responsibilities for everyone in your team? We help you coordinate robust working practices.

Tim Richards

A maturity audit increases the ROI from experimentation and grows the influence of your CRO programme. By benchmarking your organisation against the highest performers, we can pinpoint changes that will increase your A/B test win rate and average uplift. That means you get more revenue from experiments, building the case for test-and-learn methods across the business.

Tim Richards, Conversion Services Director
CRO maturity framework

Download our CRO maturity framework

Download our FREE CRO maturity model and learn about the journey to CRO maturity and what ‘maturity’ looks like.

  1. The cost of a CRO maturity audit depends on whether you choose an in-person stakeholder workshop or and online survey. If you would like to talk about the cost of a project you have in mind, get in touch.
  2. A maturity audit typically takes between 1 and 3 weeks to deliver, depending on the availability of your key stakeholders.
  3. We like to deliver our CRO maturity audit in person, visiting your office and interviewing key members of your team. However, with the use of online surveys and workshops, a remote audit can often be just as effective.