Web Design and Development

Our approach to design and development keeps people and their experiences at its core – those who visit your site and also who make the changes in the CMS. 


User-centred web design

We use a user-centred design (UCD) approach, which puts usability at the heart of web design. Our UCD process breaks down into the following phases:

Context of use

We’ll work with you to identify the people who will use the product, what they will use it for, and under what conditions they will use it.


We’ll uncover what business requirements and user goals the design needs to meet to make the website successful.

Create design solutions

We create designs in stages, taking the site from a rough concept to a complete design.


We evaluate the effectiveness of the designs, ideally through usability testing with real users to ensure it meets their needs.

Web development technologies

Having expertise across a range of platforms means we can be flexible and ensure we tailor the right fit for your needs and budget. We focus on the following three CMS platforms:

Hatch CMS

Hatch is our proprietary platform which means that each build is tailored exactly to the needs of the client. We have a core codebase from which we can build the very best solution for your needs.

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Kentico gives you complete control with easy-to-use, integrated systems including its CMS, e-commerce and online marketing platforms. Crucially, Kentico’s also easy for our developers to work with, so it’s perfect if you need a website quickly but don’t want to compromise on quality.

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WordPress CMS

WordPress offers a perfect combination of function and flexibility. With the right set up, the CMS is fantastically simple to use, and the plug-in approach means that it’s easy to integrate a wide range of features both during the build and on an ongoing basis as customer and business needs change.

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Our Design and Development services

User-centred web design

In order to create the best experience, you need to understand your customers.

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Web development technologies

We utilise a range of platforms, allowing us the flexibility to deliver exactly what you need.

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