User centred design

In order to create the best experience, you need to understand your customers. Our user-centred approach to design is driven by our Customer Experience Discovery - uncovering user needs to inform the design process and create design that works.

Our design principles

We have a set of core design principles that guide our process. They give us the direction to create sites that cater to users and deliver the best possible experience. Our principles are:

User Focused

Customer experience is at the heart of what we do. Every project starts with customer journey mapping to create a bespoke solution that responds to customers’ identified needs.

Design and data

We ditch assumption and leave the guesswork behind. Our designs are based on user data. We understand audience intent and create designs to answer it – everything has a purpose, nothing is accidental.

Test and Learn

Testing allows us to learn what’s working well and feed this back into the cycle for continued evolution.

Less is More

We don’t overcomplicate. We find the beauty in simplicity – for efficiency, productivity and workflow – not just for us but for your users.

Motion Matters

Motion reinforces a user’s decisions and provides reassurance and meaning to their actions. By designing with motion in mind we enhance the experience and usability.

Collaboration is Key

Our multi-skilled teams work together as one, cross-discipline and skill set. We work as partners to our clients – harnessing the power of our collective knowledge to share the value of our experience.

Accessible for Everyone

Accessibility comes first, before the bells and whistles. We work from the ground up to ensure that all users have the best possible experience.

Think ahead

Today’s project is tomorrow’s maintenance. We help our future selves and you by creating with scalability, reuse, and innovation in mind. No headaches allowed.

Web development technologies

Having expertise across a range of platforms means we can be flexible and ensure we tailor the right fit for you.

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