Domain name registration

Fresh Egg Limited can register and renew domains for our existing clients and our response time is usually within 24 hours, however during busy periods, this could be within 5 business days.

For domain requests, please contact:

Domain name fees

Domain name registration for a 2 year period is as follows

  • .com = £45 (+vat)
  • = £35 (+vat)
  • .biz = £45 (+vat)
  • = £85 (+vat)
  • = £85 (+vat)
  • = £85 (+vat)
  • = £85 (+vat)
  • = £85 (+vat)
  • = £85 (+vat)
  • = £35 (+vat)
  • .eu = £50 (+vat)
  • .gr = £130 (+vat)
  • .es = £60 (+vat)
  • .it = £45 (+vat)
  • .be = £40 (+vat)
  • .ch = £65 (+vat)
  • .jp = £280 (+vat)
  • = £150 (+vat)
  • = £110 (+vat)
  • = £120 (+vat)
  • = £35 (+vat)
  • .info = £45 (+vat)
  • The transferring of IPSTAGs or the unlocking of domains incurs an administration fee of £25 (+vat)*

*This fee must be paid in advance of the transfer/unlock.

Customers who have domain names that are approaching renewal will automatically receive an email notification from Fresh Egg Limited at 30 days from renewal.

This email will inform the customer of the expiry date and also the actions they need to take in order to renew and at what cost.

If a response is not received then Fresh Egg Limited will contact customers again - either via email or telephone at 7 days from renewal and once again on the expiry date.

Abusive registration of a domain

Please be aware that if you have experienced domain abuse, e.g.

  • it took unfair advantage of or was unfairly detrimental to rights at the time of registration or acquisition; or
  • has been used in a manner which took unfair advantage of or was unfairly detrimental to your rights

Domain Abuse Complaints

We are committed to maintaining a safe and trustworthy internet environment.
As a registered domain name registrar for Nominet, we recognise the importance of addressing concerns related to domain name abuse, including but not limited to phishing and spam activities.

To ensure prompt and efficient handling of abuse complaints, we have established a dedicated email address for reporting such incidents:

We encourage anyone who encounters or suspects abusive domain name activities linked to domains registered through Fresh Egg Ltd to report these incidents to us via the above email address.

Our team is committed to investigating all reports of abuse and taking appropriate action in accordance with our registration agreement and policies.

Response Time:

We aim to acknowledge receipt of abuse complaints within 5 business days from the date of receipt.
We take the integrity of the domain names under our management seriously and are dedicated to taking the necessary steps to combat abuse.
Your cooperation and vigility are invaluable to us in our efforts to create a safer internet for everyone.

If you are not satisfied with the response (or the outcome) to your complaint then you may wish to escalate directly with our Head of IT (

If your complaint cannot be resolved and you wish to take the matter further then you should contact Nominet

The Nominet complaint process can be found here

For further information on .uk domain names then please refer to the Nominet website and the Nominet Terms and Conditions