Are your
SEO efforts
delivering ROI?

Watch our Bitesize talk where our Head of Search and Data, Mark Chalcraft, demonstrates how to find and report ROI from your SEO efforts that will help you highlight the value of your work.


In 20 minutes, our Head of Search and Data Services, Mark Chalcraft, will demonstrate how to find and report ROI from your SEO efforts that will make you look like a rock star.

Understanding whether SEO effort is working can be challenging yet is essential to planning future activity and justifying the investment. To do this effectively, we need to know more than just the best metrics to use - understanding how to interpret trends and patterns in your data is vital.

Learn how Google rewards your efforts and what outside influences to be aware of. Mark will also explore how SEO data can reveal the hidden benefits of effort in other marketing channels. After the session, you'll know more about...

  • The why of focusing on the long-game
  • Not all SEO efforts are rewarded equally
  • Why first impressions can be misleading
  • It's time to kick that keyword ranking addiction
  • Don't underestimate the importance of brand
  • The hidden value in your SEO data

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