How to avoid a website migration disaster!

Don't miss this discussion where our experienced panel of digital marketers shared their knowledge on undertaking a successful website migration. 

Hosted by Fresh Egg co-founder Lee Colbran, the discussion on website migrations included the following panellists:

  • Sarah Leach, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce - Marshalls Garden
  • Robert Belgrave, CEO - Wirehive
  • Lisa Rippon, Account Director - Fresh Egg
  • Mark Chalcraft, Head of SEO, Content and Data Services - Fresh Egg.

Watch the webinar and learn about:

  • Typical reasons for migrating a website
  • Criteria for research and decision-making
  • Who should you speak to when making the decision?
  • Creating a checklist of requirements
  • How should project owners judge the SEO capabilities of the technology?
  • What factors influence the final migration decision?
  • What are the main things project owners need to consider that they don’t?

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How to perform the perfect SEO friendly website migration

How to perform the<br>perfect SEO friendly<br>website migration

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