Why UX, SEO and content are a dream partnership for a highly successful website

Don't miss this discussion where members of our team shared their knowledge on working collaboratively to enhance results. 

Hosted by Senior content manager, Callum Grantham, the discussion on UX, SEO and content being a dream partnership included the following panellists:

  • Stephen Carpenter - Head of design
  • Ryan Ogilvie - Content director
  • Luke Hay - User research director

Watch the webinar and learn about:

  • Learn how our specialists turn traffic into conversions by first unpicking client challenges
  • Hear why UX is part of everyone's job and how to work collaboratively, and how this makes a significant difference
  • We'll be sharing a client challenge where we turned substantial traffic into conversions
  • How to research correctly to address the challenge and obtain insight to take the project forward
  • Why data dives are crucial in informing areas of focus
  • How to use search intent to feed into user testing, and how it influences UX
  • The value of user research and why you should be utilising it
  • How data insight provides UX recommendations and results
  • Discover why team silos should be a thing of the past and why you need to be working collaboratively to drive performance
  • The positive effects of collaborative working from every angle, the strength of multi-disciplinary working, we'll give you the reasons why
Diabetes UK - Audience-led digital marketing project

An audience-led approach to increase donations

We completed an in-depth discovery process, incorporating quantitative conversion and content analysis, search intent, and user testing to identify areas of improvement for Diabetes UK.