Experience design

We don't just create beautiful experiences. We blend real-world insights and data with creativity to ensure the final result delivers on your business objectives.


Delivering value through design

Whether it's through a project or as an extension of your internal team, we use research, experimentation and design to deliver value to both your business and your customers.

In order to create the best experience, you need to understand your customers. Our user-centred approach to design is driven by our customer experience discovery - uncovering user needs to inform the design process and create experiences that work.

Why experience design?

We aim to provide positive outcomes for your users and your business. Experience design drives solutions that motivate users to interact with your brand and increases value per user. Without leaning on your user's feedback, both before and during the design process, this would be far harder to achieve.

  • Inclusive - experience design brings together a broad spectrum of digital experts, from researchers and analysts to designers, for a more complete understanding

  • Efficient - reduce feature creep and reduce long-term costs by using data and research to cut through assumptions and identify what's most important

  • Effective - increase the lifespan of the end solution through an iterative process that identifies and eliminates flaws before the final product is launched

Emerald Works, design and development case study

We designed, built and undertook a complex multi-site SEO migration for e-learning specialists, Emerald Works using the Kentico CMS platform. Find out how we brought together CX discovery, experience designweb development, SEOanalytics and data to deliver a fantastic new website.

Our experience design methodology

Depending on requirements of the project, the design phase may be done in stages, building from an initial concept to reach a complete design.


Without a proper understanding of your users, their needs and behaviours, the design is likely to fall short of their expectations. Our research process gets to the heart of what matters to them and informs the design process, based on data and fact rather than opinion and assumption.


We use a blended team of key stakeholders, designers and developers to create early design solutions. This allows us to test outcomes that would meet both user and business needs without investing too much time on more complete solutions. By using rapid prototypes, we can validate ideas before committing to a final design.


User testing is a crucial part of our methodology, used to validate design decisions. When combined with the initial research phase, this creates a valuable feedback loop which helps us to iterate towards an optimal solution for your customers.

Visual design

Using atomic design as a guiding methodology, we focus on the idea of design as a system to ensure consistency and efficiency across a client's entire digital landscape.

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Our design principles

We have a set of core principles that guide our process. They give us the direction to create digital experiences that focus on user needs and deliver the best outcome.

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