A Fresh Egg guide to empathy mapping

Download our FREE guide to empathy mapping - a simple but incredibly effective technique to kick-start your customer experience journey mapping.


Empathy mapping is a quick and simple way of visualising the experiences customers have in relation to a specific brand, organisation, business, issue or thing - known as BOBIT. 

Despite its straightforwardness, a completed empathy mapping exercise has multiple benefits to companies looking to improve their customer experience: 

  • It can initiate fresh thinking and development projects relating to your design, content, marketing or messaging.
  • It's a collaborative tool that brings together multiple stakeholders and, therefore, encourages the sharing of key information and insights.
  • It can help redefine your priorities and provide new perceptions into a specific customer group, including their needs, behaviours and experiences.

A completed empathy map helps construct the questions and approaches for further audience interviews, which then help to validate your customers' needs and experiences - the next stage in a Fresh Egg customer experience discovery project.