A guide to in-housing and creating a digital centre of excellence

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If you have questions about whether to in-house digital services and the benefits of doing so versus working with agencies, then you need to download our latest white paper.

Packed full of insight and information, you'll find the following key topics covered in depth in the white paper, along with financial overviews and analysis:

Our groundbreaking in-housing guide includes information for businesses and organisations on:

  • Agency or in-house?
  • Agency benefits:
    • Experience, 'T-shaped' skills, staff progression and breadth of experience
  • Agency drawbacks:
    • Detachment, priority, multi-agency scenarios and costs
  • In-house benefits:
    • Costs, brand connection and intellectual property
  • In-house drawbacks:
    • Staff progression, technology costs, motivation and perspective
  • Using a hybrid model
  • Creating an in-house transition plan
  • Tangible costs and benefits
  • Creating your in-house digital team:
    • Attracting talent, recruitment, contingency planning
  • Preparing the infrastructure:
    • Technology, risk and governance, managing digital and people performance
  • Post-implementation support:
    • (Lack of) digital knowledge at Board level, managing unrealistic expectations, reacting to failure
  • Discipline-specific considerations:
    • Paid search and social media, technical SEO and web development

Whatever stage of your in-housing journey you are at, your organisation can check your progression against industry best practice with insight from industry experts.