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Discover how cognitive bias and heuristics shape customer decisions about insurance.

Written by Stephen Courtney
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This white paper is a must-read for marketers in the insurance sector on why customers make irrational choices about insurance.

Written by Fresh Egg CRO expert Dr Stephen Courtney, this thought-provoking white paper highlights how cognitive bias and heuristics shape decisions about insurance and why customers make irrational choices.

Find out why:

  • People buy insurance following natural disasters on the other side of the world
  • Product warranties are popular, despite providing little value
  • Customers pay inflated premiums to remove a small excess, but often forget to make a claim

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Irrational Policies white paper


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Insurers design and sell their products as though customers are financial experts. This communication shortfall, combined with a disregard for customer experience, has undermined trust in providers. To restore it, insurers must redesign their policies with real customers in mind.

Stephen Courtney, Senior CRO & UX Strategist 

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